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Piiholo Ranch Zipline

Piiholo Ranch began as a dream of Peter Baldwin, a 5th generation descendant of Reverend Dwight Baldwin, who came to Maui in the 1830’s as a missionary. Pete’s great love of the outdoors led him to found Piiholo Ranch with the help of his three sons Jeff, Duke, and Chris. Together, they built a premier cattle business and horseback riding venture.

Inspired by the growing field of eco-tourism and wanting to share the beauty of the ranchlands, Jeff approached Pete about building a zipline course on a corner of the Ranch. With rolling meadows, deep gulches and a high hill commanding spectacular views, this particular area offered a perfect setting for a world-class zipline adventure. The three brothers researched the best designers, the most respected builders and the highest quality materials, and after two and a half years of hard work, Piiholo Ranch Zipline opened to the public.

Since its opening in December 2008, Piiholo Ranch Zipline has quickly become one of the premier zipline adventures in the United States. Designed to showcase its beautiful setting, the course crosses deep gulches and tall trees, and offers stunning vistas from mountain to sea. It also includes the longest side-by-side zipline in Maui, Hawaii — over a half-mile long!

Continuing the idea of offering visitors a chance to enjoy and appreciate the special beauty of the Ranch, Jeff, now Director of Operations for the zipline, envisioned a new kind of experience within its forests, gulches and meadows. Months of of planning, design and hard work led to the creation of Piiholo Ranch Zipline’s newest adventure, the canopy course. Since March 2011, exhilarating zips through the treetops amongst the forest canopy have offered a close-up view of an island landscape few visitors will get to experience.

Today Piiholo Ranch Zipline continues to be the premier zipline and hiking experience on Maui. Come up for some fun and be part of the dream!

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