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Volcano Park Private Photography Tour

Location: Hilo, Big Island

Find yourself amongst unparalleled photographic opportunities with our expert guides through the stunning Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This personalized tour is designed for photographers eager to capture the unique beauty of one of the world's most dynamic landscapes. From the vibrant flora and fauna to dramatic geological formations and elusive cultural sites, this tour offers a plethora of spectacular photo opportunities.

Customized to suit your photographic interests, you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot at the right moment to snap breathtaking shots. The tour promises not only unique vistas, often hidden from the general public, but also a full immersion into the diverse climates of the park—from sun-drenched skies to misty rainfalls.

The Kīlauea volcano eruption paused on September 17th, 2023. No lava or night-time glow is visible from any overlooks. Volcanic conditions can change at any time.

What to Expect

Your adventure at the main entrance of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you’ll meet your guide, a seasoned photographer with deep knowledge of the park's best-kept secrets. As the morning light washes over the land, your guide will lead you to the first location, a secluded spot known for its stunning rainbows and native vegetation.

As the day progresses, you’ll lightly trek through a variety of terrains around the Hale'maumau Crater, view lava rock fields glistening with mineral deposits, perfect for experimenting with light and shadow. You'll experience the grandeur of panoramic views of the caldera from cliff edges and capture the dramatic interplay of light as it dances across the volcanic landscape.

Each stop is an opportunity to learn and perfect your photography skills with tips from our guides on the best settings and techniques to capture the park’s dynamic environment. Informational lectures on geology, history, ancient Hawaiian culture and more take place amidst the backdrop of a scenic vista, offering a chance for candid shots and relaxing conversations with a fellow photography enthusiast.

As you pass by steam vents engulfing the landscape with fog, you’ll visit a culturally significant site, often overlooked by regular tourists, where the interplay of history and nature provides rich, narrative-driven photo compositions.

The tour concludes with your cameras filled with stunning images, your mind expanded with deep understanding of the volcano, and your heart with unforgettable memories.

Private Night Time Photography Tour

Come with us into Hawaii volcanoes national Park when it is literally yours to explore! Our private nighttime photography tours in the darkest hours of the morning put you with some of the best, most experienced photographers in the park at night to learn the techniques and best locations for epic nighttime photography.

Capture the volcano and the stars in breathtaking detail as you find the nights best locations and are amazed by the parks fascinating landscapes and one of a kind opportunities. This tour is for beginners all the way through the very advanced who are looking for a private opportunity to get the best photography in the national Park.

This unique adventure and small group atmosphere makes this truly a private experience in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park!


  • Professional photography guide
  • Rich informative lectures about the Kilauea volcano
  • Customized tour itinerary based on volcanic activity
  • Walking tour of the Halemau'mau Crater and surrounding area
  • Photography tips and hands-on guidance


  • Wear closed toed shoes
  • Participants should be in moderate physical condition as light hiking is involved.
  • Suitable for ages 17+
  • Weather can vary; participants should wear appropriate clothing and bring gear suitable for rain or sunshine.
  • Bring your camera, lenses, and any other photography equipment you prefer; tripods recommended for landscape shots.


3 hours


Meeting Location will be sent in an email after booking. It will be in the general Volcano National Park Area.

Cancellation Policy

Epic Volcano Park Tour - All Tours Booked and Canceled will be charged a 25% fee for processing. Cancellations 48 hours or more before departure receive a 75% refund. Cancellations less than 48 hours before departure will not receive a refund.

Volcano Photography Tour - If you book a tour and cancel we will charge a minimum of 25% for processing. 7 days or more before the tour you will receive a 50% refund. We will not refund tours less than 7 ahead of the tour (it is to close to the date to rebook) unless your tour date has to be canceled for weather.