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Baby-Friendly Activities on the Big Island: Unforgettable Family Adventures in Hawaii

A lot of parents think that when traveling to Kona, Hawaii with a baby, they won't be able to participate in most activities and tours. But that is simply not true! In fact, there are lots of activities available to you and your baby, toddler, and even infant where you can get in the fun and have a vacation enjoying activities in Kona, Big Island.

So, if you're in the planning stages of your Hawaii family vacation and wondering what to do with your little explorers, you're in the right place. From the magnificent coastlines to the lush rainforest, the Big Island offers a range of baby-friendly activities that are as unique as they are engaging.

Here is our list of our recommended baby friendly tours that are sure to have everyone from mom, dad, and babies alike having fun on vacation!

The Magic of Kona's Marine Sanctuaries: "Splash into a Colorful Adventure"

Why just dip your toes when you can dive into a world of aquatic wonders? Journey alongside your little water babies as they get their first glimpse of a rainbow—underwater, that is! With over 600 species of marine life, Kona's Red Hill sanctuary and Kealakekua Bay are splashy, secluded gems that’s as eco-conscious as it is breathtaking.

Why Choose? It's the only tour where babies can practice their 'goo-goos' and 'ga-gas' with dolphins!
Tips for Parents: A UV-protective baby swimsuit and reusable swim diaper are your best friends for this waterworld escapade.

A Closer Look at Coral Reefs: "Sea and Be Seen, Without Getting Wet"

Ever wondered what it's like to walk on water? Our glass-bottom boat tours allow you to do the next best thing! Let your tots peek into the aquatic realm without even wetting a toe, combining safety and spectacle.

Why Choose?
Ideal for babies, our glass-bottom boat tour is basically an underwater nursery rhyme—educational, interactive, and a feast for tiny eyes.
Tips for Parents: For an even cozier experience, bring a light baby blanket to nestle your infant as you cruise over coral masterpieces.

Hiking in Hawaii: Babies Welcome: "Strollin', Strollin', Strollin' Through The Jungle

Your family's adventure isn't complete without a hike through Hawaii's lush green heart. Take a "tumble" through the jungle without actually tumbling, thanks to our baby-friendly trails in North Kohala. It's a storybook setting come to life, complete with waterfalls that even Disney would envy.

Why Choose?
Our off-road drive to the trailhead starts the adventure early, making this an all-terrain experience fit for tiny trekkers.
Tips for Parents: A baby carrier that supports your child's head and neck is essential for this walking wonderland.

A Taste of Hawaiian History: "Bon Voyage Through Time"

Sail back in time without leaving the present—because Hawaii has enough history to fill a baby's storybook! Witness the scenic beauty of Kealakekua Bay and feast on a dinner where the menu is as rich as the stories.

Why Choose? What's better than a bed-time story? A dinner-time story that lets your babies drift off to lullabies of Hawaiian history.
Tips for Parents: Bring a baby food pouch or some easy-to-handle snacks to keep your little one engaged while you enjoy a historically-rich dinner.

Educational Farm Tours: Beyond Pineapples: "Vanilla Skies and Baby Eyes"

Who says farms are only about barnyard animals? Treat your family to a taste of sustainable Hawaiian farming—now vanilla-flavored! The aromatic tour will provide delightful new textures for your baby to touch and explore.

Why Choose? This farm tour is more than just a vanilla experience; it's a multi-sensory journey that's baby-approved!
Tips for Parents: Bring a sun hat and sunscreen for this open-air adventure, ensuring your baby is as cool as the vanilla beans.

Life with a baby doesn't mean putting your adventurous spirit on hold; it means sharing the wonder with a new set of eyes. Each of our tours is designed with your family in mind, offering a seamless blend of safety, enjoyment, and rich experiences. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Dive into the enchanting world of baby-friendly activities in Hawaii and enhance your family's tropical journey with memories that last a lifetime.


Is the Big Island good for families? Absolutely! The Big Island is a paradise for families, offering a wide array of activities from snorkeling in marine sanctuaries to exploring Hawaiian history. It's a destination where the fun is as limitless as the horizon.

Is Kona a good island for kids? Kona isn't an island, but a district on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's a fantastic area for kids, offering family-friendly beaches with calm ocean conditions, marine sanctuaries, and a plethora of cultural activities that are both educational and fun.

Which is better for kids Maui or Big Island? Both Maui and the Big Island offer extraordinary experiences, but the Big Island has a bit more diversity. From volcanic landscapes to lush rainforests, it provides a broader range of activities that can captivate children's imaginations and thrill parents alike.

Is Big Island baby-friendly? The Big Island goes above and beyond in catering to families with babies. With a range of tours and activities that are designed to be baby-friendly, you can be confident that your little one will be both safe and entertained.

Is Hawaii worth visiting with kids? Hawaii is an exceptional destination to visit with kids. The islands offer a rich blend of outdoor activities, educational experiences, and opportunities for family bonding that make every trip memorable.

Can babies go to Hawaii's Volcano National Park? The Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island is generally safe for babies. It offers a number of trails and lookouts that are stroller friendly such as the Steam Vents Trail, Sulphur Banks Trail, Kilauea Iki Overlook etc. There are also multiple flat elevation scenic trails under 1 mile in distance that toddlers can walk on such as Pu'u Puai, Crater Rim Trail, and the Iliiahi Trail.

Can you take a 1-year-old to Hawaii? Absolutely! Hawaii is a great destination for families, even those with infants as young as 1 year old. Many activities and tours cater to families with babies, making it easier to plan your trip.

Should you bring a stroller to Hawaii? While a stroller can be helpful in shopping areas and established paths, some outdoor activities may not be stroller-friendly. Depending on your planned activities, a versatile baby carrier might be more practical.

What is the most kid-friendly island in Hawaii? The "most kid-friendly" island can depend on your family's interests. However, the Big Island offers a wide range of family activities, from the beaches of Kona to the waterfalls in Hilo, making it a strong contender for that title.

What part of Hawaii is most kid-friendly? The Kona district on the Big Island is often cited as the most kid-friendly part of Hawaii, thanks to its calm beaches, plethora of family-oriented activities, and a variety of accommodation and restaurant options that cater to families.