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Experience Unforgettable Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tours

Dive into a moonlit wonderland and make friends with the ocean's flying saucers—it's not science fiction, it's the Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel! If you've ever dreamed of drifting through an underwater galaxy surrounded by stars, you'll realize those celestial bodies are actually manta rays, gracefully sweeping past you in their natural habitat. Your heart will race—not from fear, but pure awe—as you witness these marine giants perform their nightly ballet.

During the tour you will be equipped with a floating raft that produces light beams underwater. While gently holding the raft and floating on the surface the food source (plankton) of the manta rays begin to gather around the light. Next, you will see the majestic Manta Rays in their natural environment swoop past you as they feed on the plankton near your raft.

Or, if you are a certified scuba diver, choose the night dive option. Your dive instructor will equip you with a light box so that you can hang out on the bottom, and watch the manta rays approach you at eye level.

Moonlit Manta Ray Night Snorkel: A Symphony Under The Stars

Who needs sunshine when you've got moonbeams and Manta Rays? Set sail into the Pacific under the moon's silvery glow, crafting a surreal atmosphere that makes this snorkeling experience truly exceptional. Here, the manta rays glide through their aquatic world, as spellbinding as the moon above.

Why Choose? With multiple boats going out every night, these is usually last minute availability.
Tips for the Tour: Novice swimmers welcome, plenty of flotation is provided.

Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel: Disco With the Mantas

Swap out the disco ball for bioluminescent manta rays and you've got the most natural rave of your life! Neon lights illuminate the ocean floor, transforming it into an underwater dance stage. This is your chance to watch manta rays groove in a dance of marine harmony like you've never seen before.

Why Choose? Offering time slots shortly after dark, you'll be back for an early bedtime
Tips for the Tour: Come prepared to move and groove; the ocean currents make for a dynamic dance floor. Tour safety swim guides are there to help.

Sailing Canoe Manta Ray Snorkel: A Journey Back in Time

Skip the time machine; this canoe takes you back to ancient Hawaii with each paddle stroke! Navigate through Hawaiian waters in Keauhou Bay on a historically accurate 40 ft double-hulled canoe. The tour blends rich Hawaiian maritime history with an awe-inspiring manta ray encounter, making it an educational thrill-ride.

Why Choose? Experience manta ray conservation in the most culturally authentic way possible.
Tips for the Tour: Listen to the guides; their knowledge is as vast as the ocean.

Waikoloa Manta Ray Night Snorkel: Away from the Crowds

Departing from Puako Boat Ramp in the secluded Waikoloa area. This tour offers an intimate setting for an extraordinary marine spectacle, allowing you to commune with manta rays far from the crowds.

Why Choose? Witness manta ray behavior in a secluded setting, free from distractions.
Tips for the Tour: Great option for guests staying in the North Kohala and Waikoloa Resort area.

Kona Sunset Manta Ray Night Snorkel: Romance on the High Seas

Why toast to the sunset with champagne when you can do it with a Manta Ray evening swim? Board a spacious 45-foot trimaran and sail toward the Manta Ray Village as the sun says "Aloha". Dive into the water post-sunset, and you’ll discover it’s the manta rays that steal the evening’s spotlight.

Why Choose? Indulge in the manta ray bioluminescence as the sun sets.
Tips for the Tour: Capture the sunset before the snorkel; it's almost as stunning as the Manta Rays.

Manta Snorkel or Certified Scuba Dive: The Best of Both Worlds for Snorkelers and Certified Divers

Ever heard of a 'surf-and-turf' dinner? This is the oceanic version, perfect for snorkelers and divers alike! Dive or snorkel in the same stunning underwater landscape, making this an ideal choice for families and groups with varied marine preferences.

Why Choose? Ideal for mixed groups or families, this versatile tour offers an unforgettable experience to both snorkelers and certified divers simultaneously, keeping everyone thrilled and engaged.
Tips for the Tour: If your group is a mix of snorkelers and certified divers, rest easy—our guides are experts in delivering a seamless experience, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their unique underwater adventure.

Whether you're a solo explorer or adventuring with family, don't miss the exhilarating experience of a Manta Ray night snorkel or dive in Kona. From the mystical Moonlit Manta Ray Night Snorkel to the vibrant Kona Sunset Manta Ray Night Snorkel at the Manta Ray Village, we offer an array of carefully curated and meticulously vetted tours. Dive into the marine world of coral reefs and sea creatures, illuminated by the enchanting glow of moonlight or neon lights. Our experienced staff, protective measures, and commitment to marine conservation ensure that your night-time excursion into ocean life is both thrilling and eco-friendly. Book your aquatic experience today, and plunge into the mesmerizing underwater adventure of a lifetime!

FAQ about Manta Ray Night Snorkel

  • What is the best time to see manta rays in Kona? The Manta Ray season usually peaks between June and September, offering the most active sightings.
  • Where is the best night dive with manta rays in Kona? Keauhou Bay is renowned as the best spot for night dives, thanks to its vibrant marine life and clear waters.
  • How deep is the manta ray dive in Kona? Generally, snorkelers stay near the surface, while divers can go up to 30-40 feet to enjoy the spectacle.
  • Can you swim with manta rays in Kona? Absolutely, and it's an experience not to be missed. Just be sure to follow all ocean guidelines for a safe and respectful encounter.
  • Can you see manta rays without snorkeling in Kona? While snorkeling or diving offers the closest interaction, boat tours without snorkeling are also available for those who prefer to stay dry.
  • Is manta ray snorkeling worth it? A resounding yes! It's an aquatic experience that leaves even the most seasoned travelers speechless.
  • Why are divers not allowed to touch a manta ray? Touching can remove the protective mucus layer on their skin, making them susceptible to infections.
  • Is it better to snorkel or dive with manta rays? Both offer unique perspectives. Snorkeling offers surface-level views, while diving allows for a more intimate, eye-level encounter.
  • How much do you tip a manta ray snorkel? A tip of 15-20% is generally considered appropriate for the experienced staff leading your adventure.