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Waikoloa Catamaran Tours

Jump aboard our Waikoloa catamaran tours on the Kohala Coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii. Featuring beautiful snorkeling over coral reefs, dolphin sightings, whale watching, and cocktail sunset cruises. Our boat charters are a great way to enjoy the water while on vacation in Hawaii. Catamaran trips depart from A-Bay (Anaehoomalu), the most convenient place to join a catamaran cruise while staying in the Waikoloa Condos, Hotels, and Resorts.

Kohala Gold: Waikoloa's Premier Sunset Catamaran Voyage

They say the best artist is nature itself, and our Sunset Cruise aboard the "Spirit of Aloha" is your gallery opening at sea. Departing from the iconic Anaehoomalu Bay, this cruise sails you straight into a Kona-Kohala sunset, where the sky's canvas is brushed with a palette only Hawaii can provide. Enjoy a luxury catamaran equipped with modern comforts, savory snacks, and a drink in hand from the open bar—a comprehensive trip that immerses you in the splendor of the ocean's twilight serenade.

Why Choose? Experience the unrivaled Waikoloa sunset, known for it's extensive visibility under cloudless skies due to the leeward protection from Mauna Kea.
Perfect for: Families seeking to cap off their sun-soaked day with a tranquil, wind-driven glide across the Pacific, where relaxation meets the unmatched beauty of a cool Hawaiian twilight.

Waikoloa Catamaran's Family-Friendly Snorkel Quest

Take the plunge with the "Spirit of Aloha" on a snorkel adventure where the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles lead the way. The Turtle Snorkel Tour invites you to explore an underwater mosaic of coral teeming with marine life. Surface to the comfort of gourmet wraps and refreshments, completing your all-encompassing sea tour that's perfect for every member of the family.

Why Choose? Our spacious 54-foot catamaran promises a modern, stable, and uncrowded sailing experience, with ample space to relax and immerse in the oceanic expanse.
Perfect for:
Travelers looking for quieter, more secluded snorkeling waters offering a peaceful alternative to the bustling snorkel spots of Kona.

Concluding your day with a journey on our luxury catamaran is an unparalleled Hawaiian adventure, perfectly blending relaxation and discovery. Picture yourself soaking in the serenity of a Waikoloa Sunset, hues of gold and crimson stretching across the sky, during our Sunset Cruise—a magical experience that couples and families alike will treasure as the perfect end to a sun-kissed day. Meanwhile, our Morning Snorkel Sail offers an invigorating start, with Incredible Views both above and beneath the waves along the pristine Hawaiian Coast, introducing you to a world where vibrant marine life is the norm.

Both tours offer the ease and convenience of departure from the tranquil Anaehoomalu Bay, just a stone's throw from Waikoloa and North Kohala resorts, ensuring that you're never too far from your next Hawaiian escapade. Whether you're gliding on the Pacific’s surface on a Luxury Catamaran, or delving into the depths on a Snorkel Adventure, each tour is packed with All-Inclusive amenities to enhance your experience.

Our Big Island tours, designed with the discerning traveler in mind, combine Scenic Cruises with immersive snorkeling excursions. These are the moments that define the Hawaiian Big Island—where the Sea Tour meets Sunset Romance, and every Evening Sail is complemented by a Daytime Oceanic Journey that is equally engaging. From the moment you step aboard for a Romantic Evening or a family-friendly Day at Sea, every detail from the panoramic Coastal Views to the upscale amenities on our Opulent Yacht, caters to your desire for an exclusive and Comprehensive Trip.

Embrace the call of the sea with our Hawaiian Sunset and Snorkeling Tours—a testament to the beauty of the Big Island and the richness of its waters. Book your Adventure Tour today and prepare for a Full Experience that expertly weaves together both the tranquility and the vibrancy of Hawaii.