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Learn to Kiteboard

Welcome to Maui, the world’s premier location for Kiteboarding. Now is your chance to fly with the wind and experience the excitement that is unlike any other ocean sport. Kiteboarding lessons are the best way to try Kiteboarding.

What to Expect

Your instructor will show you all of the necessary steps, in a fun and safe environment. Lessons are tailored to each individual student, according to their experience and abilities. We have been teaching kiteboarding for 20 years and you are in good hands. The single day, "try kiteboarding" lessons are a great way to check out the sport and see what it offers. Learning to ride is a 2-step process of learning kite control and then learning to use the board. So we take our time to ensure that you learn all the necessary skills. *We usually recommend a multi-day course to get up and riding. We are a part of an International School network (IKO School Network) represented in over 40 countries, so you can pick up where you left off and add to your skills wherever you go.

In all of your lessons our emphasis is on safety. We provide all the equipment you will need. Each lesson is tailored to the student. Lesson can be adjusted to fit any experience level. There are different times and prices available see the booking calendar.

Our Instructors

Our team includes Maui's best IKO Certified Kiteboarding Instructors and trainers who utilize the safest teaching procedures, and the industry's most respected Training System. Each Instructor also receives ongoing training to help them reach and maintain the highest standards. We offer all our private and group lessons with our certified instructors.

Discover Kiteboarding Class

(The most popular single day lesson). This lesson is a perfect way to start Kiteboarding on Maui! This kiteboarding lesson gives your first installment into the sport of kiteboarding. Covering the core skills, wind direction and site selection, Essential kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique one-handed flying, body dragging, and an introduction to the board. You will learn wind theory, safety steps, safety systems, self-rescue, launching & landing, and intro to the waterstart technique. We supply all the necessary equipment. With our progressive method, you will be spending more time doing and less time talking. This lesson can be a one-off experience or the first installment in a longer training course. You can upgrade at any time. No previous experience is required. This private kiteboarding lesson is tailored to your learning style so you can progress at your own pace.

Kiteboarding Shared/Group Class

Families or couples that want to play together can take the group kiteboarding lesson. This option is good if you have a little more time available. Students can share the experience together and will learn at a relaxed pace. Shared lessons are great for team building, which is an advantage for future kite buddies. Students take turns in the different roles, to round out their skill set. This class also shows students how to work together as a team. Each student learns the launching and landing skills necessary to be a good kite buddy. Often couples, families, friends, and siblings will take this class together. We recommended max 2 or 3 people per class. Participants should be at a similar experience level to each other. This group class is also a good way to include a sibling or spouse that might otherwise sit it out. Longer courses and available on request. A full selection of the latest equipment is included. No previous experience is required.

Kiteboarding Private Coaching

Private training is available for all levels of kiteboarding. If you have never ridden on Maui before we strongly recommend taking this private “Orientation” session. Our instructors can ride with you, giving you on-water instruction, advice, and assistance. We teach on directional, twin-tips. Your choice of freeride, freestyle, wake-style, or wave-style. We can cover any techniques you want to learn. Access to our complete range of equipment is available or if you prefer; Bring your own gear or your own newly purchased equipment. We can help you get it properly assembled, customized, and tuned-up.

Kiteboarding Multi-Day Courses

The multi-day course is the fast track into the sport for people with a limited amount of time. This course is ideal for people with some prior watersports experience. The days need not be consecutive. The lesson covers all the techniques in the Kite Intro Class including: wind directions, site selection, basic kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique, body drags, board handling, and waterstarts. This course covers all the basic safety protocols, safety systems and self rescue procedures, you will need to become a safe and independent kiteboarder. With our proven methodology, you will progress in a safe and rewarding manner. We supply all the necessary kiteboarding equipment, and will change gear when needed to keep you challenged as you progress. This course is a suggested minimum for confident water persons who want to become an independent kiteboarder and intend to buy their own gear.


1.5 - 3 hours


Kanaha Beach Park, Kahului, Maui, HI 96732

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation is required.