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Hawaiian Ocean Sports

Kevin Hoke was born on the island of O’ahu. Kevin is CEO, President and Operator of Hawaiian Ocean Sports. Additionally, Kevin is a second generation “beach boy”. His Uncle Terry Hoke, was a beach boy in Waikiki for many years, teaching canoeing and surfing. He also comes from a rich line of Hawaiian ancestry; his grandmother, Eleanor Leilehua Hiram Hoke (1918-1983) was recognized loea hula, or Master of Ancient Hula Knowledge. She was one of five Kumu Hula to receive recognition from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts and at the time of her death, the last remaining Hula Kapu students of Hawai’i.

Through shared vision and values, Hawaiian Ocean Sports is committed to preserving and exemplifying Hawaiian heritage and “Aloha”. Alo the Hawaiian word for in the presence, front, face, or to share; and ha, meaning breath or essence of life.

Kevin’s Hawaiian Ocean Sports team is committed to ensuring that each guest personally experiences heartfelt love, compassion, kindness, friendliness, and professional service the Aloha way!


Wailea Beach Park, Wailea , HI 96753

Tours By: Hawaiian Ocean Sports