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Private Speedboat Snorkeling Tour

Treat your group to an unforgettable rafting experience unlike any other on Maui. We specialize in catering to private parties with our Private Boat Charters! Truly the ultimate way to explore Hawaii’s ocean wonders. Just set the course and let us take you there in style!

What to Expect

When you book a private boat charter you get first class personalized service including; your own Captain and crew to guide and take you where you want to go, give you information on your chosen location, and a state of the art raft to speed your way around the picturesque island shores of Maui. Options to snorkel during your private charter are always available. You can either request a specific location (such as Molokini) or let the captain and crew decide. They will make sure your placed in the best conditions for the day and have a great time!


  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Cooler full of ice (BYOB)
  • Delicious Picnic Style Lunch
  • Quality Masks, Fins, and Snorkel
  • 2 different snorkel locations (conditions permitting)
  • Flotation Available upon Request
  • Knowledgable and Friendly Crew
  • Fast and Fun Speedboat

Visit Molokini Crater

If you would like to snorkel Molokini during your private boat charter, you will need to book a minimum of a 4 hour charter.

Get ready to snorkel the crystal clear waters of world famous Molokini Crater. Weather permitting, we will do a “float snorkel” on the back side as well. This is a special treat very few tour companies offer! Then we follow that up with a short ride over to “Turtle Town” and swim among the colorful fish and abundant population of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that make this cove their home.

Molokini, a crescent-shaped volcanic crater about 3 miles off Maui’s south shore, is one of Maui’s most unique and beautiful places to dive and snorkel. Its shape creates a protective oasis from waves and strong channel currents. The partially submerged cinder cone is home to a lush reef teeming with marine life, 250 different species of reef fish and hundreds of species of coral, some of which are found only in Hawai’i. Reef sharks and moray eels can sometimes be seen in the crater.

This world-renowned spot has excellent visibility, with depths ranging from only a foot near the shore to 20-50 feet in most dive spots, to over 300 feet at its deepest points. It has an area of 23 acres and is almost a half mile wide. It is the remains of one of seven volcanoes that formed the prehistoric Maui Nui island over 230,000 years ago. Early Hawaiians visited Molokini to fish, as well as to hunt seabirds, eggs, and feathers. Today, the crater is a Hawai’i state seabird sanctuary.

According to Hawaiian legend, Molokini was a beautiful female mo’o (gecko) who fell in love with a handsome Maui prince, whom the fire goddess, Pele, also loved. Pele, in a jealous rage, cut her rival in two and turned her into stone. Her head is said to be Pu’u Olai, the cinder cone by Makena Beach, and her curved tail formed Molokini. A Molokini Snorkel Trip to the crater’s crystal clear tropical waters is a must-do activity for any visitor to the island of Maui.

About Our Boat

Up close and personal. Our Rigid Hull Inflatable rafts are fast, safe and fun. Our favorite way to get out on the water, Reef Explorer allow guests to sit just a few feet above the ocean and take in the fast and exhilarating ride.

With small group sizes we travel to more remote locations to swim with sea turtles, view Maui’s stunning sea cliffs and snorkel areas where large tour boats simply cannot go. Our fast and fun rafts are one of the many reasons guests choose our private charter over catamarans and sail boats.

Groups up to 20 passengers will sail aboard our fast raft, the Reef Explorer


2-8 hours


Boats are Docked at the Ma'alaea Harbor
11 Ma’alaea Harbor Rd
Ma’alaea, Maui ,Hawaii 96753

Cancellation Policy

Tour Cancellations
48-hours notice is required to be eligible for a full refund. Less than 48 hours notice and no-shows may be charged full price without exception.

Private Charter Cancellations
120 hours (5 days) notice is required to be eligible for a full refund. Less than 120 hours notice and no-shows may be charged full price without exception.

Tour Changes
48-hours notice is required to request a tour change of date or time. All rebookings are subject to availability and must not conflict with minimum capacity requirements listed below.

Tour Minimums
A combined minimum of 6 guests is required for a tour to operate. Should a tour not meet the tour minimum, customers will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. While advanced notice will be provided when possible, tour cancellations may be up until 1-hour before the activity start time.

Inclement Weather or Company Closures
All trips are subject to change or be canceled without notice due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstance. The company will make the final decision and may cancel at any time should the weather conditions be deemed unsafe or unfit to complete the activity. Customers will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund in the case of any operator cancellation. While advanced notice will be provided when possible, tour cancellations may occur up until the activity start time.