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Big Island Hawaii: Best Sunset Boat Cruises and Tours

Why settle for a standard sunset when you can catch Hawaii's golden hour on the water, complete with tropical libations? The Big Island's setting sun turns the Pacific into a kaleidoscopic canvas, and we're offering you front-row seats!

Watching the Hawaiian sunset over the horizon is a memory you will never forget. There is no better way to enjoy the sunset of Kona than during one of our sunset sail cruises. Get off the island and onto a dinner cruise or private motorboat where you can enjoy food and drinks while the sky turns hues of oranges and reds.

Epic Kona Historical Sunset Feast: A Three Course Journey Through Time

Let the ocean be your stage and history your storyteller as you set sail on an extraordinary Kona Dinner Cruise. Imagine feasting on a Hawaiian luau as you drift towards Kealakekua Bay, the site where Captain Cook first set foot on the island. Absorb the narrative of Hawaii's ancient rulers, legendary battles, and mythological folklore during this three-hour odyssey.

  • Why Choose? Elevate your understanding of Hawaiian culture, all while relishing an unforgettable sunset paired with a sumptuous feast.
  • Tips for the Tour: Dress cozy but stylish—you're in Hawaii after all! And don't forget a light pullover for when the trade winds pick up.

North of Kona sailing from Anaehoomalu Bay.

Experience the allure of the Pacific during a serene sunset cruise from Waikoloa's A-Ba during a two-hour sail on the "Spirit of Aloha" catamaran, complete with snacks, beverages, and stunning sunset vistas. This tour captures the essence of island living with breathtaking views of the Kohala Coastline

  • Why Choose? Conveniently located near Waikoloa resorts such as the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, Mauna Lani, and Hilton Waikoloa Village.
  • Tips for the Tour: Travel light and dress comfortable and be ready to be tendered out to the boat via a beach-loading process.

Step into a dreamlike setting with our Big Island Sunset Cocktail Cruise options, capturing the essence of a romantic Hawaiian evening. With Kona as your sun-kissed backdrops, these sunset cruise offerings promise more than just a fleeting glimpse of beauty. Our catamarans and speedboats become your paradise afloat, teeming with delicious food, tropical cocktails and exotic beverages.

During our evening sails in Kona, you'll relish an extraordinary Hawaiian night that transcends any ordinary sunset experience. Relax and raise your tropical drinks to toast the setting sun—a signature Big Island cocktail cruise moment. With these uniquely Hawaiian events, your evening cruise in Hawaii will be a canvas painted in hues of romance and adventure.

Don't let this celestial spectacle be just another sunset. Instead, elevate it to an unforgettable Big Island sunset cruise, where the sky, the sea, and the Spirit of Aloha come together in a harmonious dance. Book your next romantic evening sail through, and immerse yourself in the true essence of a Hawaiian night.


  • What is a sunset cruise like? A sunset cruise offers a relaxing voyage into the Pacific, providing breathtaking views of the sunset, complemented by delectable food and drinks.
  • What should I bring on a sunset cruise? Bring comfortable clothing, a light jacket, and a camera to capture the unforgettable sights.
  • What time do sunset cruises depart? Departure times vary with the season but typically start around 4pm.
  • How long are sunset cruises? Most sunset cruises last approximately two to three hours.
  • What kind of drinks and food are served on sunset cruises? A range of tropical Hawaii cocktails such as Mai Tai, Lava Flow, and Blue Hawaiian and locally sourced beer. Both red, white, and rose' wine are also available. Non-alcoholic drinks available as well.
  • What kind of food are served on sunset cruises? Gourmet Hawaiian entrees and appetizers featuring locally sourced ingredients.
  • Are sunset cruises family-friendly? Absolutely! Sunset cruises provide enjoyment for all ages.
  • Are sunset cruises wheelchair-accessible?The Historic Kona Dinner Cruise is wheelchair accessible. It has a customized boarding ramp with portable extensions that can accommodate all wheelchairs, including manual, electric, and scooters. The lower deck of the 65-foot catamaran is fully accessible from bow to stern, including tables and restrooms.
  • Can I bring my own drinks and food on a sunset cruise? Typically, food and drinks are provided, and outside items are not allowed.
  • What should I wear on a sunset cruise? Wear island casual attire. For men: Hawaiian shirt and some clean nice shorts or pants. For women: sundresses, skirts or shorts paired with blouses or tops. Footwear, can be comfortable sandals.
  • What if I get seasick?Come prepared with motion sickness medications such as Dramamine if prone to seasickness.
  • What if the weather is bad? While it rarely rains in Kona, the cruises will provide alternatives or rescheduling in the case of bad weather.
  • What are some of the things I might see on a sunset cruise? Expect to see a glorious sunset, possibly marine life, and the beautiful coastline of Hawaii.
  • How much do sunset cruises cost?They can range from $160 per person or $1200 for a private charter.
  • Can I book a sunset cruise online? Yes, easily book your ideal sunset cruise above.