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Jungle Waterfall Rappelling

It’s not zip lining, it’s not rock climbing… it’s rappelling! This guided rappel tour takes place on our private property that overlooks the Hule’ia watershed and Ha’upu Mountain range and has two secret waterfalls.

What to Expect

We start the day with our Rappel 101 training area and picnic area comes with gorgeous views of the Hule’ia National Wildlife Refuge, Hule’ia River, and the surrounding Ha’upu and Kahili Mountain Ranges. After a detailed safety lesson, and a practice run on the drywall, guests hike to two secluded waterfalls.

Next, you will access two private waterfalls. Your group will have these beauties all to yourselves! The 30 foot Bamboo Falls is named for the towering stand of Japanese Bamboo which surrounds the base of these falls. Papakolea Falls stands 60 feet tall, and is our main attraction! Customers will first rappel the cascading 30′ Bamboo Falls, followed by the towering 60’ Papakolea Falls. You can climb behind, swim in, or experience the all natural “Hawaiian Massage” underneath the falls!

Next, our tours stop by the Menehune Fishpond overlook on the way back to the shop. This pond is one of the most ancient archeological sites in all of the Hawaiian Islands and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The 900 yard long rock wall sections off a natural bend in the river to form a pond which fish could be trapped in. Ask your guides to tell you the legends about the Menehune and the impressive engineering feats it took to build this pond roughly 1,000 years ago!

Guaranteed to be the most unique experience of your vacation! Snacks, water, and juice provided throughout the tour. No previous rappelling experience is necessary.


  • All rappelling gear (Harness, helmet, and friction device).
  • Shoes to be worn for the duration of the tour, including while hiking and rappelling.
  • A 30-liter drybag backpack to put all of your personal items in.
  • A wetsuit top. It is the guest’s choice whether or not they would like to wear this based on the conditions, but it is available.
  • Drinking water and Hawaiian fruit juice.
  • Assorted packaged snacks including trail mix, chips, and granola bars. Gluten, nut, and dairy free options are available. Please just let the reservationist and guides know about your special food needs in advance.
  • For those who wear eye glasses, a glasses strap can be purchased at check-in so you don't lose them
  • Allowed to bring your own GoPro or other waterproof camera

What is Rappelling

Rappelling is a descent over a vertical or near vertical rock face using a rope that is fixed at a higher point. You can rappel dry walls like in our training area, or waterfalls, which is especially popular here in Hawaii.

In order to descend down the rock face, a rappeller must release friction. Friction is provided by a friction device, and serves to slow, and therefore control, the descent of a rappeller. Your guide will set your friction device properly according to your body weight and skill, and teach you during the Rappel 101 safety lesson, how to add and release friction in order to control your descent.

On our tours we make use of the Fireman’s Belay in which a second guide stands at the bottom of the wall or waterfall, and holds on to the end of the rappeller’s rope. The belayer leaves slack in the rope as the rappeller descends, but should they slip and fall, or let go of the rope, the belayer will pull the rope tight, locking the rappeller in place and preventing a fall.

Specific details, as well as basic do’s and don’ts of rappelling will be provided during the Rappel 101 safety lesson. At this time you will have the opportunity to have a practice run on the dry wall prior to rappelling the waterfalls.


If you choose to be a spectators, you will still get water, juice, and snacks just like rappellers. Specators will be given shoes to hike in, and a dry bag if needed. The spectator will stay with the tour the entire time. You will hike with the rappellers, and then stand at the bottom of the waterfalls to watch the others in the party as they rappel. You may swim in the waterfalls as well, so long as it doesn’t interfere with rappelling or belaying.


  • Must weigh between 70 lbs and 250 lbs.
  • Must have a waist measurement between 22 and 48 inches.
  • Minimum age of 12 years old; not recommended for those over 65.
  • This tour is not appropriate for people with back problems, recent surgeries, bone/joint problems, heart conditions, or women who are pregnant.
  • Participants must have good balance, be able to navigate slippery and uneven terrain, and climb up and down at least 10 flights of stairs without assistance.
  • This activity is intended for participants who are physically fit and enjoy rugged activities.

Guides reserves the right to refuse to honor bookings at the time of the tour if participants are in anyway unfit for the activity. If you are unsure if you meet the restrictions for this tour, please call to inquire prior to booking.


4 hours


3610 Rice St, Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766

Cancellation Policy

No charge if cancelled prior to 24 hours cut off. Cancellations within (24/72) hours of activity time are subject to a 50% charge. Parties of 6+ is a 72-hour cancellation policy.

Customers who are late and unable to attend scheduled activity for any reason including medical, will be charged 100%. Customers are welcome to reschedule only on stand-by basis and will be charged full price for a new reservation. Rescheduling the activity is only allowed once.

We reserves the right to cancel the activity due to unsafe weather/ ocean conditions or for not reaching the minimum number of participants.