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Airplane Tour over Kauai

Climb aboard our G8 AirVan or Cessna for your personalized tour of the most beautiful landscape in the world! Soar through the Waimea Canyon, then catch your breath as the majestic cathedral spires of the Na Pali are suddenly beneath you. Fly alongside the ridgeline behind the lovely Hanalei Bay, and travel south to see the numerous waterfalls of Hanalei Valley as well as the crater below Kauai’s Mt. Wai`ale`ale. This safe and thrilling experience is the ultimate air tour of the Garden Island.

What to Expect

We meet up at Lihue Airport where you will meet our experienced pilots and go over the route. We then take off and head West. Here you first see Kipu Kai, the remote beach made famous by Harrison Ford’s 6 Days and 7 Nights. From there we travel on to see the famous Jurassic Park waterfall in the beautiful Hanapepe Valley (weather permitting). After that, soar over the vast Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” as well as the famous Na Pali Coastline with it's incredible views of remote mountains, valleys, beaches, and waterfalls. We then finish off with the lovely Hanalei Bay. If the weather is clear and time allows, we will show you the numerous waterfalls of the Hanalei Valley as well as the crater below Kauai’s Mt. Waiale’ale before heading back to the Lihue Airport.

Our experienced pilots will share with you the rich history and mythical lore of Kauai; you can ask numerable questions using our two-way intercom system and enjoy the feeling of good old fashioned hospitality.

The Airplanes

Our aircrafts, which are hangared at the Lihue Airport, meet all the FAA safety requirements and are extremely trustworthy.

G-8 Airvan

Our brand new Gippsland G-8 Airvan is the ideal plane for touring Kauai’s skies. The roomy Airvan was specifically designed for observational flights, high wing design, huge ‘bubble’ windows for optimal photo taking opportunities and give you an unobstructed wrap-around view as well as a downward view. This plane enjoys a slow, stable cruising speed of 100 mph. Our state-of-the-art headsets allow everyone to communicate with the pilot, as well as with each other. Getting in and out is easily accessed through the large sliding door. This plane is capable of safely carrying up to 6 passengers, making it ideal for large families or groups. Individual body weight must be under 310 pounds. We cannot safely travel with more, and we cannot refund you at weigh-in if it comes in higher.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Flying in our Cessna is an awesome way for couples to enjoy the beauty of Kauai. This small plane can comfortably carry up to 3 passengers, one in the front co-pilot seat, and the other two behind. The views are stellar, and you don’t miss a thing from the wide windows. The privacy allows for individual communication with your pilot and with each other, or you can just relax into the peacefulness of an extraordinary experience.

Our seats cannot carry a passenger over 290 lbs. The total passenger weight must be under 490 lbs. Please verify your weight before booking. It is extremely important you are within 10 lbs of your listed weight when you check in for your tour. Passenger weights falling outside the listed weight at time of booking could result in a cancelation of the flight without refund.

We also offer instructional flights so you can fly around Kauai in the captains seat!


  • Narrarated circle island flight of Kauai
  • Views of remote beaches, valleys, mountains, and waterfalls
  • Window seats only!
  • State-of-the-art headsets
  • Children 2 and under can sit on your lap free of charge.


  • AirVan maximum seat weight is 310lb
  • Cessna maximum seat weight is 290lb


65 min


Lihue Airport - 3745 Ahukini Rd, Lihue, HI 96766

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds made if pilot cancels flight at any time or with customer 36 hour cancellation notice prior to departure time. Refunds will not be made for no-shows.