House Keeping Services

To inquire about this service please contact:

Prior to guest arrival, we thoroughly inspect all our vacation rental properties to ensure that they are immaculate. However, we ask that you please complete the information below if you would like additional housekeeping services during your stay.

Housekeeping schedules tend to fill up quickly during our high seasons in particular; we recommend that you kindly submit your request one to two months in advance if at all possible. Requests made within 14 days of arrival will be accommodated on an as-available basis.

Please review the housekeeping service options below and choose the one that best fits your needs. Housekeeping options cannot be customized, and please keep in mind that option #3 may not be available for some properties.

House Cleaning Options

(Option #1) Tidy Clean - Sweeping and vacuuming, plus spot-mopping as necessary. Cloth wiping of interior surfaces and light dusting. Wash pots and pans. Load and start dishwasher. Make beds, refresh towels. Take out trash and recycling. Excludes washing linens and personal laundry, mirrors, windows, window screens, and woodwork (doors, blinds, baseboards).

(Option #2) Complete Clean
- Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of all floors. Kitchen: wipe counters and stove top, wash pots and pans, load and start dishwasher, wash sink, run disposal. Bathrooms: clean sinks, showers/bathtubs, toilets, glass, and mirrors. Change sheets on occupied beds and wash, dry, fold, and replace all other linens. Spot-clean glass sliding doors and glass table tops. Sweep exterior entryway and lanai. Clean barbecue grill. Take out trash and recycling. Excludes personal laundry, window screens, and woodwork (doors, blinds, baseboards).

(Option #3) A La Carte
- Housekeeper will clean areas of the property you request within the time allowed. Again, please be aware that this may not be available for some properties. $35 per cleaner per hour with a 3 hour minimum

Contact our Guest Services Manager for pricing, availability, and to help arrange your Mid-Stay Housekeeping Service in your luxury vacation rental.

Important Information

  • Housekeeping payment: will be collected at the time your mid-stay housekeeping is scheduled. If no payment is collected, your housekeeping request will be cancelled. 

  • Cancellation Policy: You must cancel your scheduled housekeeping service at least four days prior to your scheduled service day. If you cancel within four days, the housekeeping deposit will be retained. 

  • Three-hour minimum: for all cleaning services (non-negotiable).