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Waikiki Food and Bike Tour

Location: Waikiki, Oahu

Taste the unique flavors of Waikiki and Honolulu during our two foodie bike tour options. We offer a Hawaiian Food tour through where you will bike through the streets of Waikiki and the Kapahulu neighborhood or the Tour de Foodie bike tour through urban Honolulu neighborhoods. Both tour includes delicious tastings at locally owned eateries unique to the landscape and culture of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Foodie Tour (Waikiki food tour)

Meet your guide at the iconic Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree. He will have your bike tuned up and ready for you with a custom bike fitting and safety briefing before pedaling through the lush scenery of Honolulu's oldest public park, Kapiolani Park, where you’ll delve into its storied past and view native and exotic plants such as the kupukupu, an indigenous fern known for its erect fronds and cultural significance in Hawaiian tradition, often used in hula altars and lei making.

Next we peddle along the famed white sand beached of Waikiki and walk out on piers to get a look at the nearshore marine life such as our state fish the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa and A'ama crab crawling on the rocks nearby.

The tour then ventures for a 25 minute bike ride into the culinary heart of Waikiki’s less-trodden paths, the Kaimuki-Kapahulu district, where over 16 local foodie favorites await on the outskirts of the tourist area. Sample the flavors of Hawaii at 5-6 meticulously selected local dining stops, chosen by your expert guide to suit your tastes. Each location offers a glimpse into the local cuisine, from authentic Hawaiian dishes, to freshly made traditional asian noodle entrees, local favorite frozen dessert Shave Ice, to the indulgent Portuguese Malasada donuts, all while capturing memorable photos.

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of each neighborhood and diner. Engage with local menus, not just as lists of food but as storied maps guiding you through Hawaii’s culinary landscape. The combination of mild physical activity and indulgent local eats provides a balanced and enriching experience. With mostly flat terrain and a manageable distance of 6 to 10 miles, this tour is designed to delight both food enthusiasts and casual cyclists alike. Everything—from snacks to drinks—is included, ensuring a day of enjoyment and discovery, with each flavor enhancing your experience of paradise.

Tour de Foodie Honolulu (Honolulu food tour)

Peddle outside Waikiki and visit the real Urban Honolulu with all its mix of cultural flavors. During the tour we leave Waikikis bustling tourist environment by bicycle and cruise through open spaces in the shoreline Ala Moana Beach Park. Our glide then heads to vibrant Ward Village and Kaka'ako area, where urban culture and local cuisine fuse into a delightful adventure. These areas are home to urban artworks that define Honolulu's cityscape. You'll also visit iconic spots from the opening scenes of "Gilligan's Island" and key filming locations from "Hawaii Five-0."

Your journey continues through Kewalo Harbor, a bustling spot for ocean activities, before exploring the urban sophistication of the newly transformed Ward Village where this district being changed from a simple plantation area to a high-end residential and retail complex illustrates Honolulu's dynamic growth and cultural richness. Moving into Kaka'ako, you'll be captivated by the striking street murals that tell stories of Hawaii's history and contemporary social themes, painted by renowned local and international artists during the annual POW! WOW! festival.

Culinary stops are woven throughout the tour, featuring a mix of traditional Hawaiian treats and modern culinary delights, such as Hawaiian brick oven pineapple pizza, authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi, with vegan and vegetarian options to accommodate all preferences. Whether sampling freshly roasted and brewed Hawaiian coffee, exotic teas, or vibrant local juices, your taste buds are in for a treat. You'll also have the chance to visit a local brewery to taste craft beers inspired by the unique flavors of the islands.

This all-encompassing experience covers approximately 8 miles of flat terrain, making it a leisurely yet fascinating way to absorb Honolulu’s history, real estate development, and culinary scene.


  • Friendly Knowledgable Bike Tour Guide
  • Quality Bicycle and Helmet
  • Guide talks to you throughout ride via Bluetooth speaker on your bike
  • Lots of Food and Drink Tasting (come hungry!)
  • 8 mile distance on flat terrain
  • Photo-Shoots at Every Location
  • Water and Sports drinks
  • We don't accept any children under 12 years old or shorter than 4.3ft


4 hours


Meet at the Kuhio Beach banyan tree and hula mound

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if canceled within 24 hours of your tour departure.