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ATV, Zipline, and Adventure Tower Package

Location: West Oahu, Oahu

Most of our adventurers want to do it all and with the Ultimate Adventure package, you can. You’ll enjoy our Full 6 Zipline Course, ATV Off-Road Adventure, King Swing, Freefall, and our state-of-the-art Aerial Adventure Course all in one action packed day.

This package will satisfy those who are thirsty for adventure and looking to spend their day participating in new exciting experiences. Our professionally trained guides will accompany you throughout the day and make sure you’re having maximum fun!

Don't worry about a thing once you have arrived at Coral Crater, we've got you covered. From start to finish, we'll take you from one exciting adventure to the next.

Full Zipline Course

Our Ultimate Adventure Park, near Ko'Olina Hotels and the Disney Aulani Resort, features ziplines ranging from 300 to 900 feet! Come zip with us from platform to platform through a 35 acre forested crater. This is a perfect tour for those looking to experience a safe, adrenaline pumping, high flying experience while flying through the trees.

While your zip lining across through the forest at speeds up to 25mph you'll be thrilled as the trees fly by. Our ziplines feature the most modern braking system which means that zipliners do not need to control their speed or stop themselves, allowing for all ages and abilities to take part in this activity. Our expert guides will be with you throughout the adventure so leave your worries at home and come on out for an experience you’ll never forget!

  • Children between 40‐60 lbs can still participate by zipping tandem with a guide.

Adventure Tower Package

Our Adventure Tower is a two-level jungle gym Challenge Course that measures at a 60 foot height. The first level is 20 feet above ground and the second level is double that at a skyrocketing 40 feet! With 18 challenge elements, you’ll feel like a winner after you navigate through ropes, walk across wobbly bridges and surf on a rail all while suspended in the sky.

The Adventure Tower also consists of the King Swing and Freefall. The King Swing is a massive pendulum swing that will send you off into a spine tingling swing into space! Our guide will slowly lower you to the ground after you’ve experienced the thrill of swinging high off the ground.

Experience the sensation of a Freefall. This activity will bring you from the very top of the tower to the bottom with one courageous leap. Let’s see you take a step out into space!

Finish off your aerial adventure by giving our Climbing Wall a try. We have 4 unique routes to experience, so show off your skills and get to the top!

Adventure Tower Features

  • Adventure Tower
  • Rope Bridge Course
  • Sliding Rail Surf Course
  • Ladder Bridge Course
  • Giant King Swing
  • Harnessed Freefall Leap
  • Climbing Wall

ATV Off-Road Adventure

Kick up dust and put the pedal to the metal through our variety of technical course and smooth speed runs. Learn some basic 4x4 techniques from our skilled guides and have a blast navigating our off‐road course. These ATV dune buggies are powerful speed machines so get ready for a thrilling ride filled with bank turns, hill climbs, and speedy straight aways. Things can get a little muddy sometimes, so dress comfortably and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Safety Briefing

Safety is our number one priority. You will always be accompanied by a guide on the ATV tours. Our ziplines feature the most modern braking system, which means that zipliners do not need to control their speed or stop themselves, allowing for all ages (within weight restrictions) and abilities to take part in this activity. These systems are tried and true to life-safe standards. On the Adventure Tower, you will be outfitted with a full body harness and state of the art Clic-it system which synchronizes the open/locked positions of the two carabiners that ensures you are always connected to the line at all times. The Freefall utilizes foolproof magnetic braking technology that slowly lowers you the rest of the way to the ground after a few seconds of pure gravity. Our expert guides are with you throughout the adventure, so leave your worries at home and come on out for an experience you’ll never forget!

Important Information

  • Participants must weigh between 60 lbs - 275 lbs. All participants will be weighed in, fully clothed, during the check-in process before each tour.
  • Those unable to meet the requirement will not be permitted to zip and will not be offered are fund or rescheduled.
  • Minimum age: 6 years old
  • Minimum age to drive ATV: 18 years old. Participants under 18 will either be a passenger on an ATV with a driver guide
  • Securable, close-toed shoes are required. Athletic shoes are recommended. (We do offer a limited number of shoes to rent)
  • Long shorts or pants are suggested. Skirts, belly shirts and bathing suits will not be permitted. Please remove dangling earrings. Participants with long hair must secure hair back with a hair tie or similar accessory. We will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged belongings. Please store any and all unneeded items in lockers provided during check-in.
  • No participant on the tour is permitted to use any other gear (helmet, harness, trolley, etc.) beside that which is provided during tour.
  • All participants on tour are required to hike short distances, ascend and descend stairs, need to be of average mobility and strength, and in reasonably good health. We do not recommend participation with preexisting injuries, back, neck, or heart issues. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure whether this activity is suitable for you.
  • Tour durations are averages and vary due to group size and individuals’ speeds.


7 hours


91-1780 Midway St, Kapolei, HI 96707

Cancellation Policy

24 Hours notice is required to receive a full refund. Groups of 6 or more require 72 hours cancellation for full refund. No-shows and late arrivals are non-refundable.

Those arriving without closed toed shoes and those who weigh more than the maximum weight limit or less than the minimum weight limit will not be able to participate in activities and are not eligible for a refund. Those who make last minute decisions to not participate are not eligible for a refund.