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Dolphin Viewing and Snorkel Tour

Location: West Oahu, Oahu

Join one of the the most exciting activities in Hawaii, a wild dolphin viewing and snorkeling tour on a quick moving motorboat on the remote west side of Oahu. This area is well known for having the calmest and clearest waters around the island. It’s perfect for snorkeling and home to both spinner dolphins and those mighty winter visitors — Humpback Whales.

What to Expect

We begin the tour departing from the Waianae Boat Harbor in our swift and nimble state of the art 34-foot rigid inflatable motorboat. Having the advantage of speed, we then race along the scenic west coast in search of spinner dolphins. Traveling by speedboat offers the advantage of reaching multiple snorkeling and dolphin-watching spots more quickly and efficiently than a slower-moving catamaran, maximizing your time in the water and enhancing your overall adventure.

Once they are located, we take some of the most incredible photographs of your vacation as the pod of spinner dolphins come to visit you and perform their superb aerial stunts. We often see pods of 30-50 dolphins at a time. Few people have the opportunity to see these spectacular displays up close and personal!

After watching the spinner dolphins, we focus on the exhilarating experience of swimming with pelagic dolphins. Our captain will search offshore for spotted and pilot dolphins, providing our guests with an exceptional swimming opportunities. Led by an expert guide, guests will be fully equipped with gear and positioned strategically alongside the boat and guided into the water at just the right moment, allowing them to swim closely with the dolphins, including the unforgettable sight of juveniles gliding by.

Lastly, we will motor inshore to also snorkel over a tropical coral reef with Hawaiian Sea Turtles and tropical fish. Some of the possible snorkel locations, depending on conditions include:

  1. Makua Beach: Known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, Makua Beach offers a serene snorkeling experience amidst picturesque scenery and the backdrop of the towering Waianae Mountain Range.
  2. Yokohama Bay: This secluded bay at the remote western tip of Kaena Point features a pristine beach and diverse aquatic wildlife, making it a top spot for snorkelers seeking both tranquility and a rich underwater ecosystem.
  3. Makaha Reef: Renowned for its intricate lava tube formations and abundant fish species, Makaha Reef provides an immersive snorkeling adventure in one of Oahu's most consistent turtle feeding grounds.
  4. Kahe Point: Often referred to as "Electric Beach" due to its proximity to a power plant that warms the waters, the aerated
    water of Kahe Point attracts a variety of sea life, offering snorkelers close encounters with everything from tropical fish to occasional sea turtles.

Excursions are led by seasoned island naturalists with years of experience on the Waianae Coast. Viewing the dolphins is an event that is certain to make your day, if not your entire vacation!


  • Lifeguard Certified Crew - available to help you with snorkeling instruction
  • Snorkel Gear: mask (prescription masks available), snorkel, fins and a life vests. Wet suits are available to rent for $10.00 at check in.
  • Two Snorkel Sites - After viewing the dolphins, we will have time to visit some of the best snorkeling sites with sea turtles, tropical fish and reef.
  • Pelagic Dolphin Swim - Snorkel safely offshore with spotted, pilot, or bottlenose dolphins.
  • Food and beverage: Each guest will receive a cooler bag containing a deli lunch, complete with your choice of sandwich and accompanying chips. Additionally, a cooler stocked with water and a variety of juices will be available on the boat.
  • BYOB! Please feel free to pack your own food and beverages. We can provide you with a soft cooler full of ice.
  • Dry Bags: To protect your belongings such as backpacks, towels, phones, and wallets from water and moisture, we provide dry large and small bags
  • Federal Laws Protection: We maintain a minimum 50-yard distance from nearshore Spinner Dolphins. no do we "pursue” or “follow” dolphins. Instead we watch them passively.


2.5 - 3 hours


Waianae Boat Harbor - 5601 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792

Cancellation Policy

NO REFUNDS for cancellations made less than 24-hours in advance. You have until 9:00 am the day before your tour date to make any cancellations. If you fail to cancel any activity and do not participate in any of your selected activities "No Show", then we reserve the right to charge the full amount of the activity to the credit card you have provided. Contact us anytime to inquire about cancellations or reschedule.