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Learn to E-Foil in Honolulu

Location: Waikiki, Oahu

E-Foiling is a perfect activity for the entire family! Get the feeling of surfing / foiling with the simplicity of a remote control. This is truly an instant gratification water sport activity. We chose the most stable board and foils to teach on. And we will have you standing and flying over water in no time. No surf experience necessary.

What to Expect

E-Foil lessons begin with a comprehension land lesson and safety class. Here, you will learn on our balance board “eFoil simulator” how to control your center of gravity and maneuver the eFoil in the 3 riding positions: belly down, knee riding, and standing.

During this time we also teach you how to operate the bluetooth eFoil remote and how to safely fall away from the board if you fall. We review water safety and boating safety guidelines and fit you with your CGA approved life vest and radio helmet so your coach is always in constant contact with you.

Next you will practice on water in 2 of the 3 riding positions and do some Knee ride e-foiling!

Practice on water begins with you doing belly rides and practicing using the remote, turning the board, doing some emergency stops. Next we get you to practice some knee riding turns and get you to accelerate to eFoiling speed.

Your next step in the progression is a slow pop-up to your standing position. Just like we practiced on the balance board eFoil simulator, you slowly get to your feet and do some board on water eSurfing. You will practice turns in both directions and we will help you find your proper stance on the board. This step is a real joy and will be the longest ride you have ever done standing on top of the water!

After you have mastered maneuvering your board on the water and controlling your speed. We progress into touch and go foiling. Once you have mastered touch and go foiling. We will begin practicing long sustained eFoil rides!

Most of our students are able to do small stable eFoil rides by the end of their first 30 min lesson. Some students on their first day will begin long sustained eFoil rides while others will get those long extended eFoil rides on their second day of lessons. It’s most important to learn at your own speed and skill level.

Your water time begins when you go out on the water and stops when you take breaks on land to rest and get further land training between runs. If you book 30, 60, or 90 min of water time we guarantee you will get what you pay for.


  • Professional Instructor and Guide
  • Land-Based Simulator Lesson
  • E-Foil Board and Remote
  • Padded Life Jacket
  • Radio equipped helmet


1.5 hours


1440 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819

Ke’ehi Lagoon Beach (left of the boat ramp.)

Cancellation Policy

A Full refund will be issued if needed to cancel your lesson at any time due to poor or hazardous conditions.

Please provide us with 48 hrs. notice of cancelation for full refund. After 48 hrs the entire security deposit will kept for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.