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Oahu: Glass Bottom Boat Tours on Oahu

Join us for a ocean adventure during our Waikiki Glass Bottom Boat Tour. We set out from Kewalo Basin Marina over the crystal clear waters of Hawaii enjoying views of tropical fish, coral reef, sea turtles, dolphins and even one of Honolulu's famous shipwrecks. All this can been seen through our glass bottom floor from the comfort of our spacious, stable pontoon style power boat. Perfect for families, non-swimmers, and anyone who wants to experience Hawaii’s underwater beauty without getting wet.

See Hawaii’s Underwater World Without Getting Wet.

If adventure is what you seek, join us for our daily afternoon boat tours. Enjoy exclusive views of Hawaii’s South Shore as we head along the Waikiki shoreline towards Diamond Head. During your 60-minute cruise aboard the glass bottom boat, marvel at the clear view of the ocean floor through our glass bottom view ports, revealing live tropical reefs and a shipwreck.

Why Choose? With multiple tour times daily, you can easily fit this adventure into your schedule. Plus, the coral radiates strongest through the view ports when the sun is at its highest, offering the best views of the vibrant marine life.
Perfect for: Guests looking for a fun, educational outing without getting their feet wet—because, let’s face it, wet socks are the worst.

Watch as the Reef Shimmers Like Gold in the Afternoon Light

When you think of Hawaii, the stunning sunset over Waikiki comes to mind. Relax as the sky turns into a canvas of orange, purple, and pink behind Honolulu during our sunset tour. As the afternoon light bathes the reef in a golden shimmer, you’ll be mesmerized by the underwater spectacle. Once it gets dark enough, our boat’s underwater lights will illuminate the reef, attracting marine life and making it visible through our glass bottom view ports.

Why Choose? There are few sights more memorable than Honolulu’s city lights from the water at sunset.
Perfect for: Couples seeking a romantic evening on the water, because nothing says “I love you” like glowing fish and a golden reef.

Watch the Sky Explode with Color during the Friday Fireworks

Enjoy BYOB drinks, music, and sightseeing as we cruise to the perfect spot to watch the fireworks, taking in breathtaking views of the Honolulu skyline and the underwater world through our glass bottom boat view ports. As we slowly motor along Waikiki, the city lights dance across the water while our boat’s underwater lights shine on the reef, creating a dazzling display of colors below that perfectly complements the firework explosions of colors in the sky.

Why Choose? For waterfront row seats to Waikiki's famous Friday Nights Fireworks tour. There is no better vantage point to view such a spectacle. 
Perfect for: Anyone ready for a color overload—Waikiki skyline, shining reef, and exploding fireworks. It's a feast for the eyes that you won't forget!

Join us on one of our glass bottom boat tours and discover the beauty of Oahu’s underwater world without getting wet. Whether you choose the afternoon adventure, the romantic sunset cruise, or the exciting fireworks tour, you’ll create unforgettable memories. Book your tour today and see why our guests rave about this unique Hawaiian experience.

FAQ about Oahu Glass Bottom Boat tours

What to Wear?Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for your glass bottom boat tour. Since it can be cooler on the water, bringing a light jacket or sweater is a good idea. Don't forget your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the Hawaiian sun.

Is it BYOB?Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, including adult beverages, to enjoy during the tour. We even have coolers with ice available for you to use.

Best Time of Day?The best time of day depends on what you want to experience. Our afternoon tours offer vibrant views of marine life, while the sunset tours provide a stunning backdrop of Honolulu’s skyline. For a unique experience, the fireworks tour on Friday nights is an unforgettable sight.

What do you see?During the tour, you will see a variety of marine life including tropical fish, sea turtles, eels, reef sharks, and dolphins. The glass bottom view ports provide an up-close look at the coral reefs and even one of Hawaii’s shipwrecks.

How long is each tour?Each glass bottom boat tour lasts approximately 60 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the underwater scenery and the beautiful views of Oahu’s coastline.

Is the tour suitable for young children and people with mobility issues?Absolutely! Our tours are perfect for families with small children and those with mobility issues. The boat is spacious and stable, making it easy and comfortable for everyone to enjoy the experience.

Do I need to know how to swim?No swimming skills are required for our glass bottom boat tours. You can enjoy the beauty of the ocean and its marine life comfortably from the boat, making it ideal for non-swimmers.