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Oahu: #1 Rated Kayak Tours in Hawaii

Ready to paddle into paradise? Our Oahu kayak tours are the ultimate way to connect with nature and your adventurous spirit.

Get out on the calm waters of Oahu by kayak during one of our guided or self-guided kayak tours. Our Hawaii kayak tours offer snorkeling options, sea turtle sightings, visiting offshore island bird sanctuaries, and exploring remote reefs only accessible by boat and so much more! All of our tours are with #1 best rated locally owned tour operators in Kailua, Lanikai, and Mokoli'i, Oahu. Click for More Details and Book Now!

Paddle to an Iconic Islet and Enjoy Stunning Views

Chinaman’s Hat, also known as Mokoli’i, is a paddler's dream. Glide through calm lagoon waters protected by an offshore reef, and marvel at the vertical cliffs of the Ko'olau Mountain Range. Once on the island, hike around, enjoy a narrow sand beach, or climb to the summit for panoramic views.

Why Choose? Experience an adventure that combines peaceful paddling with exciting exploration of volcanic tide pools and seabird sanctuaries.
Perfect for: Kayakers who are willing to transport their kayaks and travel the extra mile to enjoy an off the beaten path location.

Exclusive Permitted Entry to Offshore Twin Islands

Join our guided tour to the Mokulua Islands and experience the ultimate Kailua adventure. Paddle to Moku Nui, explore tide pools, encounter wildlife, and enjoy a delicious lunch with time for snorkeling.

Why Choose? This tour secures your permits and offers rare access to a protected sanctuary, making it a truly exclusive experience.
Perfect for: Fit and eager kayakers willing to paddle in the wind to be rewarded by Kailua's hidden gems.

Beginner-Friendly Adventure to a Bird Sanctuary

Perfect for beginners, this tour takes you to Popoi’a Island, a haven for nesting seabirds. Paddle through crystal-clear waters, hike around the island, and explore tide pools teeming with marine life.

Why Choose? Enjoy an easy paddle and eco-friendly nature walk in a stunning natural setting.
Perfect for: First-time kayakers who want a taste of Oahu’s natural beauty without the challenge of rough waters.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer in Pristine Waters

For the independent adventurer, this self-guided tour offers the freedom to explore Kailua Bay’s pristine waters and nearby islands such as Moku Nui and Popoi'a. Snorkel, picnic, and discover secluded beaches at your own pace.

Why Choose? All-inclusive package with kayak, snorkel gear, and lunch for a stress-free adventure. Perfect for: Those who prefer a flexible schedule and the thrill of solo exploration.

Flexible Rentals for Full or Half Day Adventures

Rent a kayak in Kailua for a full or half day and explore at your leisure. Add snorkel gear and other beach equipment as you choose for a complete experience as needed.

Why Choose? Customizable rental options allow you to create your perfect day on the water. Perfect for: Guests who already have snorkel gear and just need the kayak.

Experience the best of Oahu’s natural beauty and thrilling adventures with our top-rated kayak tours. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a beginner, our tours offer something for everyone. From the exclusive access to the Mokulua Islands to the tranquil waters around Chinaman’s Hat, there’s no better way to explore Oahu’s stunning coastline. Book your tour today and discover why we’re rated #1 for kayaking in Hawaii!

FAQ about kayaking on Oahu

Where is the best place to kayak on Oahu?
The best places to kayak on Oahu include Kailua Bay, the Mokulua Islands, and Chinaman’s Hat. Each location offers unique scenery, calm waters, and abundant wildlife.

Can you kayak around Oahu?
While you can kayak in many places around Oahu, circumnavigating the entire island is not recommended due to varying water conditions and distance. It's best to explore specific, safe areas like Kailua Bay and Kaneohe Bay.

Can you kayak to Kaneohe Sandbar?
Yes, kayaking to Kaneohe Sandbar is a popular activity. However, commercial kayaks are no longer permitted by the county. Only private kayaks are allowed. The sandbar is accessible by kayak during low tide and offers a unique experience with stunning views and clear waters.

Which of the following areas is popular for kayaking in Hawaii?
Kailua Bay, the Mokulua Islands, and Kaneohe Bay are among the most popular areas for kayaking in Hawaii. Each location provides beautiful scenery, calm waters, and opportunities to see wildlife.