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Kailua Beach: Kayak Tours and Rentals

Kayaking in Kailua Bay will have you paddling in the clearest blue waters on Oahu. After launching for the white sand beach you will begin your journey out to Kailua's offshore island bird sanctuaries. Once you have reached the island you can swim, search for birds nesting, and explore the islands at a relaxing pace. For a grand adventure, let the soothing Hawaii breeze kiss your face as you push off for an exhilarating journey across the crystal-clear waters to explore the iconic Mokulua Islands, Lanikai Shore, and beyond.

Mokulua Islands Expedition: The Ultimate Seabird Sanctuary Sojourn

Welcome to the sparkling shores of Kailua Beach on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. During the tour, paddle to the twin islands where a small white sand beach awaits your landing. Enjoy unique snorkeling spots, tide pools, coves, and birdwatching in the protected sanctuaries on this exclusive journey.

Why Choose: Embark on an exclusive journey to the untouched corners of the Mokes for a perfect blend of adventure and serenity.
Tips for the Tour: Ensure to carry sunscreen and a waterproof camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

Popoia Island Adventure: Navigate to Tranquility

At Popoia Island, even the birds are tuning in for your grand arrival! Float on gentle waves to the peaceful haven of Popoia, feeling the world's hustle fade into a distant whisper. Once on the island, enjoy a short nature walk around the island. Perfect for beginners, explore the calm bird sanctuary also known as Flat Island.

Why Choose: Perfect for kayaking novices, immerse in the gentle embrace of nature away from the crowds.
Tips for the Tour: Watershoes or flip-flops recommended once you've landed to enjoy the rocky trail around the island.

Self-guided Kailua Bay Exploration: Be the Captain of Your Adventure

Summon the explorer within and unravel the untold secrets of Kailua Bay at your pace. Navigate your path in the easy-access Kailua Bay, and neighboring Lanikai Beach, discovering hidden gems along the shoreline.

Why Choose: For the audacious, find solace in the vast expanses of the bay, letting the winds guide your journey.
Tips for the Tour: Grab the map, plot your course, and let the adventure unfold, ensuring a life jacket accompanies your spirit of adventure.

Flexible Kayak Rentals: Chart Your Course

When in doubt, paddle it out, on your own terms! Choose full-day or half-day rentals for both double kayaks, single kayaks, and optional snorkeling gear in the vicinity of Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach.

Why Choose: Embrace the freedom to explore, moving with the whispers of the Hawaiian winds.
Tips for the Tour: To make it an easier paddle, opt for a double kayak and share the adventure. Don't forget the sunscreen and water!

From the twin allure of the Mokulua Islands to the serene embrace of Popoia Island, embark on a memorable journey filled with adventure, laughter, and breathtaking panoramas. Book your preferred tour today, and etch stories on the sands of time by the Kailua and Lanikai shores.

FAQ List

  • Can you kayak at Kailua Beach? Absolutely! Kailua Beach is a prime spot for kayaking, offering an easy access point to other nearby islands and beautiful sites.
  • How long does it take to kayak from Kailua to the Mokulua Islands? Typically, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to kayak from Kailua to the Mokes (Mokulua Islands), depending on weather conditions and your paddling speed.
  • How long does it take to kayak to the Kaneohe sandbar? It is too far of a distance and not safely possible to kayak to the Kaneohe sandbar from Kailua Beach.
  • How hard is it to kayak to the Mokes? Kayaking to the Mokes is a moderately strenuous activity but is manageable with a basic level of fitness and experience.
  • Is it safe to swim in Kailua Bay? Yes, it is generally safe to swim in Kailua Bay, but always be mindful of the weather and water conditions, and adhere to local safety advice.
  • How hard is it to kayak to Flat Island? Kayaking to Flat Island (Popoia Island) is considered easy to moderate, making it a suitable adventure for beginners and families.