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North Shore SUP Tours and Rentals

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the North Shore provides some of the best paddling conditions on Oahu. The tour starts in the protection of the Haleiwa Bay and then gently paddling up the calm Anahulu River. SUP on the North Shore is perfect for beginners as the protected waters make it easy to balance on. Also, the nearby river is the home to many Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. These turtles are regularly seen during the tour.

The Haleiwa VIP Paddle Experience: Your Own Private Water Wonderland

This Private Haleiwa Paddle Boarding tour is your VIP ticket to the world of SUP. Savor a tailored experience, limited to just your group,under the watchful eye of certified instructors as you navigate the historic Anahulu River.

Why Choose?: Get personalized instruction tailored to your skill level.
Perfect for: Those who want their Instagram feed to scream "Exclusive Oahu Adventures Only!"

The Haleiwa Classic: Oahu's Most-Coveted Paddle Boarding Adventure

Float like a butterfly, paddle like a pro! Our most popular stand-up paddleboard tour along the historic Anahulu River accommodates SUP enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering tranquil paddling amid lush landscapes.

Why Choose?: Paddle under the iconic Haleiwa Rainbow Bridge.
Perfect for: Paddlers who only settle for crowd-favorites—just like how they pick their poke bowls!

Moonlit Magic: Glow Paddle Boarding under the Moonlight: Why Simply Stargaze When You Can Glow?

Light up the night! This unique SUP adventure features LED-lit boards illuminating the serene waters of Haleiwa Bay.

Why Choose?: For the opportunity to cruise on an LED-lit board that turns the Haleiwa Bay waters into a shimmering dance floor.
Perfect for: Night owls who think stargazing is too passive and are ready to light up their Hawaiian nights in a dazzling way.

Paddle Freedom: Unscripted Adventures with North Shore SUP Rentals

Paddle freely along the Haleiwa River and into Haleiwa Bay, with our flexible 2-hour rental options.

Why Choose?: Sightseeing at your pace, high-quality SUP gear included.
Perfect for: Independent spirits who prefer a self reliant adventure.

So choose a tour above and swap those business "board meetings" for an exhilarating Haleiwa River Paddle and discover the true meaning of a "working" vacation! Our Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) tours and 2-hour rentals in Oahu's iconic North Shore region give you exclusive access to the Anahulu River's serene waters, known for its tranquil conditions and frequent Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle sightings. In a place so idyllic, even your life jacket (if you need it) will feel like a warm hug—don't miss the chance to make paddleboarding on the North Shore the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation.

Why wait? Discover the joy of paddleboarding on the North Shore and unlock a treasure trove of unforgettable Oahu experiences. Safety vests, paddle accessories, and a flexible booking and refund policy—all in place to make your Hawaiian adventure truly magical. Book now and make memories that'll outlast even the most enduring Hawaiian legends.

Frequently Asked Questions about SUP in Haleiwa

  1. Where is the best beach to paddle board in Oahu?
    • Haleiwa River offers the best conditions for paddleboarding in Oahu, especially for beginners.
  2. Where is the best place to paddle board in Hawaii?
    • The North Shore of Oahu is highly recommended for paddleboarding, boasting both safety measures and natural beauty.
  3. Can you paddle board on the North Shore of Oahu?
    • Absolutely! The North Shore is not just for surfers; its tranquil waters are perfect for paddleboarding.
  4. Can you paddleboard at Hanauma Bay?
    • No, paddleboarding is not permitted at Hanauma Bay for conservation reasons.
  5. Is it safe to paddle board in Hawaii?
    • Yes, especially if you opt for a guided tour with certified instructors and adhere to safety measures like using a life jacket.