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Oahu Helicopter Tours

When you lift off from Honolulu Airport with Adventure Tours Hawaii, you're not just getting airborne; you're embarking on an epic skyward journey that redefines 'paradise.' Hover over the bustling downtown of Honolulu before gliding past the sun-kissed Waikiki Beach, the volcanic Diamond Head, the solemn Pearl Harbor, and the dramatic landscapes of North Shore.

What sets us apart? The option to experience the whole ride with the "doors off" at no extra charge. Whether you opt for a shared or private tour, rest assured that each adventure is crafted to meet our meticulous standards of quality and thrill.

Oahu VIP Helicopter Tour: A Tailored Experience in Premium Helicopters

Why settle for mere sightseeing when you can own the sky? Our VIP tour isn't just another item on the vacation agenda; it is the agenda.

Why Choose? Elevate your Hawaii vacation with a sky tour that rolls out the red carpet—figuratively—in the sky.
Tips for the Tour: Choose the doors-off option for an all-encompassing island experience that's as thrilling as it is luxurious.

Private Helicopter Photography Tour: Best Oahu Helicopter Tours for Lens Masters

If you think Oahu looks good from the ground, wait until you're capturing it from the air! Prepare your lenses for the island's verdant jungles and exotic shores.

Why Choose? Tailor your aerial journey to your photography needs; we promise it’s a shutterbug's dream.
Tips for the Tour: Bring a wide-angle lens to capture the sprawling vistas and vivid hues that define Oahu.

What Makes Adventure Tours Hawaii Stand Out?

Our In-Depth Local Expertise: Drawing on years of experience and expertise, we guarantee that our helicopter tours of Oahu present a meticulously curated, premium experience. We've got the inside scoop on the island's history, which we weave seamlessly into our tour narration. Did you know, for instance, that the Koolau Mountain Range was formed through volcanic activity over 2.5 million years ago?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a helicopter ride in Oahu worth it? Absolutely! Imagine cruising above tropical rainforests, diving into Pearl Harbor history, and exploring WWII landmarks—all from the sky!

Which helicopter ride is best in Hawaii? The Oahu VIP Helicopter Tour stands out for its unmatched luxury and tailored experiences.

How much are helicopter rides in Honolulu? Helicopter tour costs vary, but our starting fees offer a blend of luxury and affordability.

Do you tip helicopter tour pilot in Hawaii? Yes, tipping is customary and greatly appreciated by our skilled pilots.

What do you wear on a helicopter ride in Hawaii? Dress comfortably and avoid loose items if opting for "doors off".

Do they weigh you before helicopter rides? Yes, for safety and weight distribution purposes. Max individual weight of 275 pounds. For groups of 3 passengers, no more than one person can be over 200 pounds

How long are helicopter rides in Hawaii? Tour lengths range, but expect at least 30-60 minutes of airborne adventure.

What is the best time of day to fly helicopters in Oahu? Morning or late afternoon flights offer calm winds and optimal visibility.

Can you take a helicopter from Oahu to Maui? No, we do not offer inter-island flights.