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Oahu: Best Sunset Boat Cruises and Tours

Watching the Hawaiian sunset over the horizon is a memory you will never forget. There is no better way to enjoy the sunset of Waikiki and Oahu than during one of our sunset sail catamaran cruise. Get off the island and onto a catamaran ride, glass bottom boat, or sailboat where you can enjoy a dinner cruise and drinks while the sky turns hues of oranges and reds.

Click the tours below to learn more and book directly with the best and top rated catamaran cruises in Waikiki, Honolulu, North Shore, and West Oahu.

Swim and Sail in Waikiki's Calm Waters

Experience the magic of a Hawaiian sunset while swimming in the serene waters offshore Waikiki. This catamaran cruise departs from Ala Wai Boat Harbor, offering a spectacular view of the sunset over the horizon. Enjoy refreshments onboard and take a refreshing swim during the stunning twilight hours.

Why Choose? Optional swimming and breathtaking views of Waikiki and Diamond Head Crater.
Perfect For: Sunset lovers looking to take a dip in the ocean before the sun dips below the horizon.

Most Steady Waikiki Sailing Catamaran

Join us on a state-of-the-art trimaran for a sunset sail along the pristine waters of Waikiki. Our trimaran's unique three-hull design ensures increased stability and speed, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride even in choppy waters. Feel the tradewinds, sip a cold drink, and enjoy local music as the sky transforms into a canvas of colors. This trimaran offers ample seating, shaded protection, and modern amenities for a comfortable journey.

Why Choose? Spacious custom-built trimaran with lots of open deck space to spread out on.
Perfect For: Those prone to seasickness seeking a stable and enjoyable sailing experience.

Relax on the Haleiwa Queen as you witness the iconic sunset views of Honolulu from the sea. The glass bottom ports offer a glimpse into the underwater world, illuminated by the boat's lights. Whether joining a group tour or booking a private event, this experience is perfect for those who want a memorable view of Honolulu’s city lights from the water.

Why Choose? For a unique underwater view through glass bottom viewports for nighttime sea life observation.
Perfect For: Large group parties looking for an affordable sunset cruise

Sunset, Drinks, and Stunning Views on a Waikiki Cruise

Aboard our 65’ catamaran, enjoy panoramic views of Waikiki as the sun sets. Indulge in complimentary appetizers and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, with drink tickets for adults. Sail along the Waikiki coastline and capture the perfect sunset photos.

Why Choose? Large modern catamaran with complimentary appetizers and a well-stocked bar.
Perfect For: Those who think sunsets and cocktails pair nicely together.

Exclusive Sunset Views on the Iconic North Shore

Experience North Shore’s unrivaled sunsets on the 40ft Ho'o Nanea catamaran. With no other commercial sailing catamarans on the North Shore, enjoy an exclusive and serene sunset sailing experience. Spot flying fish, dolphins, and turtles while learning about Hawaii’s humpback whale migration.

Why Choose? The only commercial sailing catamaran on the North Shore.
Perfect For: Nature lovers seeking a unique North Shore experience away from the busy Waikiki area.

Diverse Ko'Olina Adventures on West Oahu’s Stunning Coastline

Discover the enchanting sunsets of West Oahu with our range of Ko'Olina sunset cruises, each offering a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a snorkeling adventure, a gourmet tasting experience, or a scenic sunset sail, we have the perfect tour for you.

Why Choose? Ko'Olina provides the smoothest sailing waters on Oahu with stunning West Oahu backdrop
Perfect For: Sunset seekers staying in the nearby resort area or just those wanting explore another side of the island

Luxurious Sunset Sail along Remote Coastlines

Board the Ko Nau Lani catamaran for an evening cruise along West Oahu’s coast to Ka'ena Point. Enjoy traditional Hawaiian appetizers, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, and two complimentary bar drinks. Learn about Hawaii’s maritime heritage and enjoy the scenic views.

Why Choose? Explore the rarely seen northwest corner of Oahu by water with breathtaking views of the Waianae Mountain Range.
Perfect For: Sailers at sunset looking for scenery others aren't likely to find.

Intimate Sunset Experience in Waikiki with Just You and Yours

Enjoy a private two-hour sunset cruise aboard a luxurious 43ft Jeanneau Sailing Yacht, 40ft sailing catamaran, or 50ft powerboat. With a licensed captain, crew, and beautiful views, this charter is perfect for couples or small groups to large catered parties.

WhyChoose? Private and intimate sailing experience with customizable options.
Perfect For: Guests who prefer exclusivity and not sharing the boat with others.

Laid-Back Dinner Cruise with Hawaiian Music

Cruise along Oahu's south shore during this casual dinner cruise, enjoy warm-welcoming and professional service, delicious food, drinks, and Hawaiian music. As dinner is served, savor a freshly prepared meal from the Prince Kuhio’s own onboard galley.

Why Choose? Dining while the sunset reflects off your wine glass with the ones you love is exactly why you came to Hawaii.
Perfect For: Those who appreciate the magic of a sunset dinner, where the scenery makes every bite taste better.

Each tour offers a unique experience, from intimate private charters to luxurious dinner cruises, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Book your sunset adventure today and witness the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii’s sunsets from the best vantage point – the sea.

FAQ about Sunset Boat Cruises on Oahu

Where to see the best sunset in Oahu?The best sunsets in Oahu can be seen from the water. Our sunset cruises offer unobstructed views of the horizon, providing a spectacular display of colors as the sun sets.

What do you wear on a sunset cruise in Hawaii?Casual and comfortable clothing is recommended. Don’t forget a light jacket or sweater as it can get cooler in the evening. If you plan to swim, bring a swimsuit and a towel.

What is the most scenic part of Oahu?Oahu’s coastline offers some of the most scenic views, especially from the water. The Waikiki coastline, North Shore, and West Oahu are particularly stunning during sunset.

What is the best way to tour Oahu?The best way to tour Oahu is by combining land and sea experiences. While land tours provide a great overview of the island, sunset boat cruises offer a unique and unforgettable perspective of Oahu’s natural beauty.