Oahu's Top Family-Friendly Adventure Tours

Say Aloha to Fun-Filled Family Time on Oahu!

Planning a family vacation to Oahu, Hawaii can be challenging. It can be difficult to figure out which activities and attractions are going to be exciting and enjoyable for all ages and personalities. Whether your traveling with kids, teenagers, or grandparents, we are here to make it easy for you. Finding fun activities and tours for the whole family has never been easier. Here is our list of carefully curated family activities and tours, guaranteed to fill your island days with laughter and awe, and are sure to have everyone from children to grandparents having fun on vacation!

Splash-tastic Adventure: Snorkeling & Water Slide Extravaganza

Who said snorkeling can't come with a side of water slide? Set sail on the untouched West Coast of Oahu, and watch dolphins flip through the air, before plunging in to snorkel alongside Hawaiian turtles.

Why Choose: Dive into a two-in-one adventure that combines snorkeling with the added thrill of kayaks, paddleboards, and a double-decker waterslide.
Perfect For:
Families where parents crave snorkeling serenity and kids just want to make a splash!

Zipline Thrills: Swing Next to Magic in Ko'Olina

"Ohana" means family; family means nobody gets left behind—or without an adrenaline rush! Speed through a forested crater, a stone's throw from Ko'Olina Hotels and Disney Aulani Resort.

Why Choose? Fly through three to six different ziplines, some up to 900 feet!
Perfect For: Adventure-seeking families ready to swap the sand for the sky as they zip through tropical treetops!

Pearl Harbor Family Expedition: A Captivating Tour Where History Comes Alive for All Ages

Turn your family trip into a journey through time! Visit the historic site that changed America and the world, making December 7, 1941, a day to remember.

Why Choose? A tour that enlightens parents with deep historical perspective while engaging children in unforgettable lessons from America's past.
Perfect For: Families eager to honor the heroes of yesteryear while enriching their vacation with poignant history.

Family Focus on the Afternoon Glass-Bottom Voyage: Delight in Ocean Wonders Together—Above and Below the Waves!

Turn your family into marine biologists without even getting your toes wet—talk about a splash course in oceanography!" Cruise along Hawaii's dazzling South Shore and marvel at the vibrant coral reefs and sea life, as you gain a unique underwater perspective from the comfort of our glass-bottom boat.

Why Choose? The glass bottom boat allows a leisurely way to explore Hawaii's underwater world together, without taking the plunge
Perfect For: Parents sneaking in an oceanography education during vacation.

Turtle Eco Safari: Circle the Island with the Fam, Where Turtles Are the Real Highlights!

Tired of the Waikiki whirlwind? Our Turtle Eco Safari is your family's ticket to the tranquil, rural splendors of Oahu. Swap skyscrapers for sea turtles and dive into an authentic Hawaiian countryside experience that you won't find in any travel brochure.

Why Choose? A family-favorite tour that offers the complete Oahu experience, from bustling Waikiki to the tranquil North Shore.
Perfect For:
Families eager to blend sightseeing and turtle snorkeling into a single, unforgettable day.

Family Trek to Diamond Head: Your Shuttle to Stunning Views

A family that hikes together, stays together—especially when they're climbing Diamond Head, Oahu's iconic crater! Get ready to capture a panoramic family selfie with Waikiki as your backdrop. You can even point out your hotel from the top and show your family how far they have come.

Why Choose? Seize the chance for a family bonding experience high above Waikiki, offering a unique perspective on your vacation destination.
Perfect For: Families keen to elevate their vacation—literally—with a memorable hike and breathtaking views of Waikiki.

Family Snorkel Adventure: Shuttle to Hanauma Bay: Dive into a World-Famous Marine Sanctuary

Don't just build sandcastles, build memories! Hanauma Bay isn't just another beach; it's a snorkeler's paradise and a classroom beneath the waves. Perfect for families to get their fins wet and learn about Hawaii's aquatic life.

Why Choose? This tour secures Hanauma Bay's coveted entry permits, ensuring your family enjoys a hassle-free experience in this sought-after marine sanctuary!
Perfect For: Families eager to combine snorkeling lessons with marine education, all in a world-renowned sanctuary

Haleiwa Family Sunset Sailing: A Catamaran Whale Watch

Ready to give your family a whale of a time? Climb aboard our spacious 40ft catamaran to witness the mesmerizing showcase of humpback whales as the sun sets over Haleiwa. Plenty of seating ensures everyone from kids to grandparents can comfortably enjoy this majestic spectacle.

Why Choose? Offering unparalleled stability and ample viewing spots, our 40ft catamaran guarantees an awe-inspiring experience for every generation.
Perfect For: Families eager to seize a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the grandeur of humpback whales in their natural habitat.

North Shore Family ATV Off-Road Thrills: Unleash the Adventurer in Every Family Member

Picture this: Your little ones gazing in awe as Mom and Dad conquer the wild terrains on ATVs, against the backdrop of the North Shore's lush landscapes. The joyous squeals of your family fill the air, as this is more than just an ATV ride; it's a moment of pure family connection!

Why Choose? Experience the thrill of navigating North Shore's rugged landscapes with a local guide who brings the mountains to life
Perfect For: Parents looking to be their kids' action heroes for the day, making it a family adventure you'll talk about for years to come!

Ko'Olina Family Snorkel & Dolphin Odyssey: A Nautical Adventure Off Oahu's Hidden Offshore Gems

Get ready for an aquatic adventure that pulls out all the stops! On this state-of-the-art catamaran, you're not just snorkeling; you're indulging in a marine masterpiece. With the Waianae mountain range as your stunning backdrop, explore the crystal-clear waters off West Oahu such as the famed reefs of Makaha and Electric Beach. To top it all off, a hot local lunch awaits you, and if the sea gods are smiling, an abundance of dolphins too!

Why Choose? Offer your family, from children to grandparents, the luxury of smooth sailing on Oahu's clearest waters, ensuring everyone enjoys a comfortable and scenic journey.
Perfect For:
Families seeking peace of mind that their oceanic adventure is second to none, offering the pinnacle of Oahu's snorkeling and dolphin-watching experiences.

Turn Your Family into Wave-Catchers in Waikiki's World-Class Surfing Arena: Ride the Waves With a Local

Surf's up! Learn the art of surfing from a genuine Waikiki Beach Boy. Waikiki boasts the world's most learner-friendly waves—long, gentle, and utterly forgiving, perfect for the entire ohana. We guarantee an uplifting and positively buoyant experience with quality surfboards and a friendly, expert instructor to guide you. Your family won't just catch waves; you'll catch the spirit of surfing!

Why Choose? Opt for a lesson from our small, family-owned operation that genuinely values each client, offering personalized experiences unlike larger schools focused on quick turnover. Learn to surf in a private family setting, maximizing wave-riding opportunities with top-tier surfboards and an uplifting local Beach Boy as your guide."
Perfect For: Families wanting to learn to surf in a private family setting, maximizing wave-riding opportunities with top-tier surfboards and an uplifting local Beach Boy as your guide.

Sky-High Family Bonding: Parasail Above Waikiki

Let the laughter soar as high as you will! Imagine your family strapped together, hundreds of feet in the air, giggling with exhilaration over Waikiki's iconic skyline. Let's not forget the adrenaline-pumping speedboat ride, complemented by a lively soundtrack from our super-fun captain and crew!

Why Choose? Seize the chance for a family bonding experience unlike any other—where even the youngest adventurers (4 years old and up) can join in.
Perfect For: Families seeking an adrenaline-packed activity that leaves everyone, from tots to grandparents, smiling with joy.

Ka Moana Lu'au: A Feast for All Senses and Ages: Discover the Heartbeat of Hawaii Through Cultural Family Adventures

Are your taste buds ready for the lu'au of a lifetime? Ka Moana isn't just a feast; it's a cultural discovery for the entire family. From hula dances to fire throwing, you'll be entranced. But remember, it's not just a spectacle; it's an authentic look into the ancient traditions that make Hawaii more than just postcard-perfect beaches.

Why Choose? Ka Moana Lu'au offers your family an in-depth cultural experience like no other, complete with activities like hula lessons and fire throwing. An adventure where both taste buds and minds are enlightened, leaving everyone from youngsters to grandparents with a newfound respect for Hawaii's rich culture.
Perfect For: Families who crave a soul-stirring experience that goes beyond the surf and sand, combining delicious Hawaiian cuisine with cultural respect and understanding.

In summary, when it comes to family-friendly activities in Honolulu, Hawaii, Adventure Tours Hawaii has got you covered. From diving into the best snorkeling spots on Oahu to hiking up the iconic Diamond Head Crater, our meticulously vetted offerings are the pinnacle of Oahu activities. You'll revel in authentic Hawaiian experiences, be it exploring natural attractions or getting a taste of Polynesian heritage through a Hawaiian Luau. Forget the cookie-cutter activities for kids; we curate unique Honolulu attractions designed to thrill every member of your family. So if you're planning a family vacation to Oahu and looking for the best beaches, educational activities, or even a North Shore road trip, remember, with Adventure Tours Hawaii, you're not just another tourist; you're part of our ohana. Welcome to the ultimate Hawaiian experience.

FAQs about Family Tours and Activities on Oahu

  • Is Oahu or Maui better for family vacation? While both islands have their merits, Oahu offers a wider range of activities suited for all age groups, making it a go-to for families.
  • How many days in Oahu with family? With so much to explore, we recommend at least a week to fully embrace what Oahu has to offer your family.
  • What is the most kid-friendly Hawaiian island? Oahu stands out for its diverse activities that cater to kids and kids-at-heart.
  • Is Honolulu kid-friendly? Absolutely, Honolulu is packed with kid-friendly activities, from beaches to museums.
  • Is Waikiki Beach kid-friendly? Waikiki Beach is generally calm and offers plenty of opportunities for young swimmers to safely enjoy the water.
  • Is Honolulu nice to vacation? With its blend of urban and natural attractions, Honolulu provides a balanced vacation experience.
  • What is there for kids to do in Honolulu? Besides the beaches, Honolulu offers zoos, aquariums, and interactive museums to keep the young ones entertained.
  • Where can I take my kids on Oahu? From the North Shore's Turtle Beach to snorkeling adventures in Hanauma Bay, Oahu is a playground for children.