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Na Hoku 2

Na Hoku II is the iconic Waikiki booze cruise catamaran. Guests have been sailing aboard the bright yellow boat while sipping on mai tai cocktails for years. The red striped sails can easily be seen sailing across Waikiki multiple times a day. And with an "all you can drink" beverage policy, the catamaran is known as Waikiki's best party boat.

Our 90-minute sailing adventures with sightseeing, potential marine life, complimentary specialty drinks and cocktails, and perfect sea breeze.

​We are proud to be serving Pacifico, Modelo, Maitais and various other mixed drinks.

Our catamaran has become so popular that you now need to make an online reservation in advance. So make your booking now, and hop aboard the most fun boat in Waikiki, Hawaii.

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