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Hawaii Stargazing Show at KoOlina

Location: West Oahu, Oahu

Join expert astronomer Greg McCartney on a Polynesian star voyaging laser guided stargazing tour, with giant GPS telescopes, on the beach a Ko Olina Resort. An evening of romance and family fun for everyone of all ages from all over the world! This is a time traveling activity attraction that is truly out of this world through the universe and beyond!

What to Expect

When you arrive to the star show you will be greeted and meet your astronomer guide. The star show will start off describing the night sky and how the stars move across the sky. This will be related to how the Polynesians used the stars for navigation. As we trace the Hawaii Star Lines with the use of a powerful green laser that gives the appearance of touching the stars above, the stars will be named in Hawaiian as well as other cultural languages if applicable with guests in attendance.

This will be followed by the use of giant computerized telescope(s) where guests view the universe up close and personal, seeing inside the craters of the Moon to the rings of Saturn, Jupiter in color with its moons, other planets, and out into the galaxy and beyond, going through the life cycle of the stars from newborn baby star clusters to multi-colored star systems and on to the remnants of exploded stars.

While the viewing takes place, additional discussions with guests take place covering any number of topics of interest with the star explorers in the group, ranging from the science behind the astronomy to other cultural understandings and mythologies around the world.

Last, but not least, a camera telescope will also be projecting deep space images (in color) onto a screen for all to see; and to take home digitally afterwards through cell phone transfers.

Be prepared to blow your mind away as we surround ourselves with stars that shine like diamonds and take a mini-vacation into space exploration. A genuine time traveling experience of romance and mystery into the unknown!


  • Take that mini-vacation into space exploration that you have always wanted to do as a child.
  • Romance under the stars with your loved one and surround yourself with diamond stars that last “forever!”
  • Join us, as we explore the mysteries of the universe, seeing the unseen, as you have never seen it before.
  • Utilize very large computerized GPS telescopes capable of seeing millions of lightyears back in time!


1 hour


Star shows held at the all resorts located within the Ko Olina Resort district

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy is for guest to cancel no later then 24-hours prior to star show time for full refund.

If star show is cancelled by Stars Above Hawaii, for example due to adverse weather conditions (raining or too cloudy), all guests will receive a full reimbursement, or have the option to reschedule for another time and / or night.