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Honolulu Boat Scuba Dive Tour By:  Banzai Divers Hawaii

Come explore what lies beneath the ocean surface just 10 minutes outside of Waikiki during this Shallow Water Boat Dive.

This Honolulu Scuba Shallow Water Dive Tour goes to depths of 60ft/18m max which is the perfect depth for both experienced certified divers and uncertified divers working towards their certification to enjoy.

You do not need to be certified to sign up for this dive tour

With a very small ratio of 6 divers per Instructor, you will be personally supervised under the safest conditions.

This is a two tank dive at two different dive sites conveniently located close to the Waikiki Hotels.

Your instructor will take you on a guided tour of our Hawaiian waters where you can encounter sea turtles, octopus, hundreds of different fish, and much more. Discover the world few have seen!

Dive Sites

TURTLE CANYON -15 to 30ft/5-10m

  • It's in the name! As many as a dozen green sea turtles can been seen together here. Take a knee and watch one of the busiest turtle cleaning stations on the island. Several at a time gather to have their shells cleaned by tangs, wrasses and other fish. The turtles are used to divers, so getting a photo with one is usually easy. Don't touch though, these guys are protected by law.

NAUTILUS REEF - 30 to 60ft/10-18m

  • A great example of Hawaiian hard corals create a nice elongated reef. One of those rare dives where white tips can almost always be found resting under lava rock ledges. Massive yellow margin moray eels, leaf scorpionfish, and octopus are also common

HORSESHOE REEF/KEWALO PIPE - 40 to 65 ft/12 - 20m

  • Another south side double whammy! Horseshoe reef gets its name from its shape. Here you can find several species of eels, pincushion starfish, and antler coral. Swim 50ft/15m to Kewalo pipe. Keep your eyes peeled for spotted eagle rays off in the distance, and follow along this drainage pipe covered in coral and little critters galore.


  • All Necessary Diving Equipment (welcome to bring your own)
  • Two Tank Dive at Two Different Sites (conditions pending)
  • Diving the most isolated chain of islands in the world
  • 25% Endemic Species
  • Lava tube Formations
  • Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Price List

Certified Diver $150
Snorkelers/Ride Alongs $75

Available Time

Everyday 10:30am


3 hours


We will meet 10 minutes outside Waikiki in Kewalo Basin Harbor, Honolulu.

1009 Ala Moana Blvd. Slip FF1, Honolulu, HI 96814

  • After booking, all the information on where to meet will be sent via email.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled dive start time. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours ahead of scheduled time will not be refunded. Contact us anytime to inquire about cancellations or reschedule.