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Learn to Scuba Dive & Refresher Scuba Dive

Location: Waikiki, Oahu

Experience the magic of scuba diving in Hawaii with our boutique discovery and refresher dive, where we prioritize intimate, personalized group experiences over the crowded, impersonal tours often found in popular tourist destinations. Founded with a commitment to safety and genuine customer engagement, we offer both beginner and refresher courses led by passionate, PADI-certified instructors. Dive into the crystal-clear Hawaiian waters and explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, all while enjoying the comfort and security of small, friendly groups. With us, every diver is treated like an old friend, ensuring a memorable and deeply personal underwater adventure.

What to Expect

This Oahu intro to scuba diving tour is the perfect choice to have fun, swim with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, moray eels, and spot octopus hiding in the rocks!

Dive into the captivating underwater world with our tailored scuba diving courses, ideal for first-timers, those returning to diving, or uncertified divers eager to improve their skills. Led by our team of professionally certified PADI instructors, each participant is ensured personalized attention due to our commitment to maintaining a low diver-to-instructor ratio of 1 instructor for every 4 students. This ensures not only enhanced safety, with dives not exceeding a depth of 40 feet (12 meters), but also a focused, enriching learning environment.

Comprehensive Oahu Scuba Dive Training Program

  • Land Based Knowledge Development Session: Delve into the fundamentals of scuba diving through an interactive session with your instructor. This discussion focuses on essential safety practices, understanding the aquatic environment, and the principles of responsible diving.
  • Equipment Orientation: Gain hands-on experience with each piece of diving equipment. You’ll learn about the functionality and proper maintenance of gear, which is crucial for ensuring safety and comfort during your dives.
  • In-Water Skills Practice: Begin in shallow waters to master your pre-dive safety checks and basic underwater skills, such as buoyancy control, mask clearing, and emergency protocols. Initially practicing at the surface, you’ll gradually move to slightly deeper water under the close supervision of your instructor.
  • Guided Exploration of Hawaiian Marine Life: Following the completion of your skills practice, embark on a guided underwater tour through vibrant coral reefs. Experience close encounters with an array of marine life including sea turtles, octopuses, and a diverse spectrum of tropical fish species. This dive is not only a training exercise but a thrilling exploration of the rich biodiversity that Hawaii's oceans have to offer.

Dive Site - Electric Beach

This site is a favorite among local divers! It’s nestled outside the busy city of Honolulu on the beautiful southwest coastline. With the sandy beach entry and shallow depths it is a good choice for all experience levels. Located across the street from the electric plant one of the main highlights is the massive outflow pipe used by the plant to cool their systems. Warm water is pumped out of the pipe creating a playground for all the marine life. Huge schools of native fish and green sea turtles love to get blown around in this outflow like a blooper reel from Finding Nemo! Keep your eyes and ears open as dolphins, monk seals, and rays famously swoop through this area too.


  • All Necessary Diving Equipment
  • Personalized Instruction - (Max 4 Divers per Instructor)
  • One Tank Dive
  • Diving the most isolated chain of islands in the world
  • 25% Endemic Species
  • Lava tube Formations
  • Likely Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Sightings


4 hours


During the winter months (October - April) we will meet 10 minutes outside Waikiki in Kewalo Basin Harbor, Honolulu.

1009 Ala Moana Blvd. Slip FF1, Honolulu, HI 96814

During the summer months (May - September) we will meet at Sharks Cove, North Shore, Oahu

  • After booking, all the information on where to meet will be sent via email.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled dive start time. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours ahead of scheduled time will not be refunded. Contact us anytime to inquire about cancellations or reschedule.