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Adventure Tours Hawaii

Adventure Tours Hawaii's goal is to give our guests an authentic day of activity devoid of crowds, traffic, and tourist traps. While watching the mega and mini bus tour companies drop off tourists at the same destination, day in and day out, we became inspired to share our love and knowledge of Oahu's finest adventures customized to the guests wants and needs.

By booking through Adventure Tours Hawaii you are assured that you will enjoy Oahu the way it is meant to be. There is no rush, and no strict schedule. This gives our guests their private customized tour without being told where and when to be. Our off-the-beaten path adventures bring our guests an authentic day in the sun that would not otherwise be experienced by booking with your average mega-bus tour company.

While other tour companies offer you another seat on a bus with a window view of the island, Adventure Tours Hawaii allows you to jump right into the adventure and feel the power of Hawaii.


We offer convenient island wide pick up. We pick up from hotels, resorts, vacation properties, hostels etc.

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